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CakePHP ACL Plugin

The core of CakePHP contains a system to control access rights based on Access control list. This mechanism is very useful, but It’s  not very easy to dive in the first time you try to use it. Moreover, CakePHP doesn’t provide out of the box an interface to configure the rights managed through ACL. This plugin is such an interface allowing to manage permissions of your application’s users and roles. This plugin automaticaly detect any new controllers and/or actions.

This ACl plugin allows you to manage the content of the aros, acos and aros_acos tables, used by the CakePHP ACL Component. Its interface is partially inspired by the one you can find in the Croogo CMS, and a part of the code comes from this tutorial of the CakePHP documentation. This plugin requiring CakePHP 1.3.x, table users and table role on your database.

Requirements: CakePHP 1.3.x
License: Free License


  1. Fazal


    Asslam alekum ;
    I very Glad for this code share .
    Todays I am very happy. Thanks Allaah

  2. cargan


    Hi, you created awesome plugin, congradulations! However acl in cakephp is some mysterious part. It would be extremely helpful if You could provide fully working simple example with your plugin.

    • Mufti Ali


      Hi, This plugin not created by me, It created by alaxos. I am just repost here to spread the world.