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5 Great Image Plugins for WordPress

Sometimes it’s not enough that you simply embed photos and images into your WordPress site, especially when you can improve their appearance or the way they’re presented. So, we’ve rounded up a number of cool plugins that you can use to make your featured images more interesting for your readers.

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10 Best Adobe Photoshop Free Alternatives

After several years since its launch, Adobe Photoshop still is the most popular and one of the best professional photo editing software. But there are also great alternatives to it that are absolutely free and equally handy to use. Here’s a list of some of the best free substitutes for Adobe Photoshop: 1. GIMP GIMP […]

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10 Cool Holiday-Themed Photoshop Brushes

Now that we’ve got only about a month before Christmas hits us once again, it’s time to break out the holiday cheer in our designs! I’ve come up with a list of lovely new Christmas brushes that you can download for use. Check them out!

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The Benefits of Using HTML5 in Web Development

HTML5 is the future of web and developers need it to make work faster and easier. If you haven’t used HTML5 yet, here are some reasons I learned from content writer and blogger Samith Jhon on why you should start now: Use in mobile technology. Today’s technology now includes mobile devices as a mainstream tool […]

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Viewing Images In Hi-Res With Foresightjs

We all know why it is important that all of our images are optimized for the web: it is to help ensure that our website loads fast enough giving it a high performance rating, which in turn results in a higher page rank by Google. But then there are cases when it’s preferable view the […]

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Add Fonts to Your Site Using Google Web Fonts

Gone are the days of font shortage. Thanks to Google, they have introduced their Google Web Fonts web service which makes working with typography so much easier for web designers and developers. So how can you add these fonts to your own site? Here’s what I learned from a tutorial created by Basic Use. The […]

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Want to have your own website but are concerned about the cost? Then here’s good news — provides you with everything you need to create a website without spending a cent. In today’s web development, even newbies with little knowledge in programming and coding can create a nice website just by following some of […]

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Top Ten Web Designing Software

So piggying back after the awesome new Photoshop tutorials from our Blogfreakz readers, I have highlighted some more fantastic web designing programs worth investigating too! Web design is the first and foremost element that captures the attention of a visitor. Of course the other contents that retain visitors and make them perform an action in […]

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Image file errors after moving to new server?

An Error Uploading After Server Move… Say anyone of you Blogfreakz out there experienced this error when trying to upload an image? I didn’t realize until after moving my blog onto a new server that, the directory on above image is pointing to the directory on my old server. So here are the steps I […]

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How to disable the admin bar in wordpress

What is WordPress Admin Bar ? – This is a toolbar that appear in the top of your blog when your status is in login session. If you are of the category that find that new admin bar a bit intrusive… you can now disable it! –          Login into wordpress admin panel –          Click Users […]

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