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BrowserCMS – Content Management for Rails

BrowserCMS is a general purpose, open source Web Content Management System written in Ruby on Rails. It is designed to support three distinct groups of people:

  • Non-technical web editors who want a humane system to manage their site, without needing to understand what HTML or even Rails is.
  • Designers who want to create large and elegantly designed websites with no artificial constraints by the CMS.
  • Developers who want to drop a CMS into their Rails projects, or create CMS driven websites for their clients.browserCMS

BrowserCMS is intended to offer features comparable to commercial CMS products, which can support larger teams of editors. This means having a robust set of features as part of its core, as well as the capability to customize it via modules.


  • It’s just Rails: Each CMS project is a rails project that depends on the BrowserCMS gem. Developers can add new controllers, views, etc; just like any rails project.
  • Direct in context editing: Users can browse their site to locate content and change it right on the page itself.
  • Design friendly Templates: Pages aren’t just a template and giant single chunk of HTML. Templates can be built to have multiple editable areas, to allow for rich designs that are still easy to manage by non-technical users.
  • Sitemap: An explorer/finder style view of sections and pages in a site allowing users to add and organize pages.
  • Content Library: Provides a standardized ‘CRUD’ interface to allow users to manage both core and custom content types.
  • And more…

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Requirements:Rails 2.3

License: LGPL license

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