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50+ Fresh Articles For Web Designers And Web Developers

Today we will share with you huge collection of fresh articles for web designers and web developers. All the articles have been submitted by blogfreakz readers. I Hope you will find useful resources below and submitting your articles if you have.

61 Most Useful Illustrator tutorials

As you know that Illustrator is the most powerful tool for creating vector graphics, Illustrator offers various advanced tools to smooth out your design, optimize structure size and highlights some beautiful details and also with the help of Illustrator, we can create any type of stunning effects, especially related to typography. In this article we have compiled 61 most useful Illustrator tutorials for your inspiration, so keep using and keep learning, have fun!

15 Out of the Ordinary Pillow Designs

I came across these days over some absolutely cool, but also unusual pillows and pillow cover designs and I put up a collection for you to see. You may find some of them really amusing. Just check them out!

What is a Tutorial? Tutorial about Tutorials

It’s obvious that if you have a strong will nothing is impossible and everything can be learned; Internet is a great teacher- it contains tons of blogs about all the possible domains of activity. One of the best method of teaching is the tutorial.

35 Hand Based Logo Designs

Hands that are incorporated in logo designs have many different meanings. For some it means caring, touching, hope,together, and other emotional based feelings. For others hands means hard word, hand made, personally crafted and many more. All examples aside, hand/hands are a very iconic image. Most of the time you see them used in community or charity corporations. One of the most famous logos is the Boys & Girls Club Of America.

Colorised & Design Juices Join Together For Tees 4 Peace

COLORISED® supports Internet for Peace with an online contest. 20 T-shirts from the KI-MONO Collection to be won!

August’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

This roundup includes 19 Photoshop tutorials which deal with creating web layouts, fresh and inspirational resources from design community (August 2010).

How To Create A Professional Business Web Layout In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how easy is to create a professional business template in Photoshop.

Digital Art Inspiration: CMYK Artworks & Graphic Designs

This is a showcase of amazing CYMK inspired artworks produced digitally and taken from various places online, be inspired by the high quality artworks showcased.

40 Stunning Educational Websites For Your Inspiration

Collegeand university websites have a lot of roles to fill. They need to provide information for prospective students (both new and transfer), parents of students and prospective students, current students, and alumni. In many cases, they’re also the gateway to the school’s intranet and the public face for both academics and athletics. They often need to include reams of information in a way that makes everything easy to find. It’s a huge challenge.

The Flash: Comic Book Inspired Artwork

In this post I will be featuring The Flash as the ninth installment of my comic book inspired artwork. The Flash is one of DC Comics’ superheros. He is nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster and possess super human speed along with super human reflexes which defies some laws of physics. One of the Flash’s close friends is The Green Lantern which I featured in my last post on comic inspired artwork. In this post you will see some really detailed designs of The Flash from various artists. Hope you enjoy!

Helvetica Inspired Wallpapers #7

In this one off font inspired wallpaper special we will be displaying some creative wallpapers that were created with one of the many Helvetica fonts.

The Ultimate Guide to Linux – Top 10 Distributions

Over the last six to seven years Linux has become more and more popular. With several distributions putting their focus on ease of use and user friendliness, more and more people are giving Linux a chance. Gone are the days where Linux is associated with uber nerds sporting long gray beards, suspenders, and the fashionable propeller beanie.

Things-to-Remember When Graduating From Design School

Starting a career and then building it is not something that happens overnight. Especially for freshly graduating students, the professional field is so unpredictable and full of un-seen obstacles. Practical field is not your college assignment where you can win the game with your talent only. Being in the field requires patience and ability to deal with people other than your raw talent. A stable career demands passion for your work alongside dealing-with-people skill (which is often called team work in professional jargon). To soar to the heights of your profession, you have to have self-awareness, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and to improve yourself at every step of professional life.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Almost everyone is using Social Media one way or another. Social media is transforming the way we communicate. Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts.

40 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

Using negative space in logo design is not easy and takes creativity. Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect to the human eye. With this process logos are brought to life and mean much more. To show you what we mean we have gathered some amazing negative space logo designs.

4 Principles of Information Architecture

The way you organize content on your site gives immediate clues as to what your site is about. It helps people find the information they’re looking for and it anticipates how people want to interact with that information. It can even help people process your information deeper and better.

Free 3D Image Zoom Menu XML AS3

Download free 3D XML driven flash menu with perspective ,depth, items zooming and coloring. Flash CS3 / CS4 / CS5 and above / ActionScript 3.0 / AS3 version.

Interview With Artist Francesco Liori

Francesco is established in Cagliari, Italy and he is also known as FR3NK or EOP Design in the design world. His artworks are really amazing and whether we’re talking about his digital art or drawings, they both are beautifully detailed and full of imagination.

50 icon design tutorials that will make you go from apprentice to sensei

On this showcase we will list several icon tutorials, starting from the most basic tips to further ahead start working in more advanced tutorials and finally acquire the ability to create realistic icons just like the ones that design masters make all the time.

Interview: Web & Graphic Designer Scott Glasser of Sum(design)

Today we are lucky to be able to share with you an interview with an esteemed web and graphic designer from across the pond to us in North America, we would like to introduce Scott Glasser of sum(design.)

Find Interior Design And Decorating Ideas: Part 1

You have no need to be confused anymore with interior decoration, here we are sharing some beautiful examples of interior decoration. which contains eye-catching furniture designs, well decorated bedrooms, floorings, bathrooms, kitchen designs, over all home decoration, lawns, office interior and decoration, in short words you can find here a good range of residential and commercial interior designs and a lot more which you would love to chose for your own dream home/office/café/etc.

We strongly hope that these beautiful interior decoration examples will be fruitful for those who love interiors and home decorations, especially for professional interior designers and creative mind peoples, have a look and Enjoy!

60 Stylish and Creative Custom Blog Post Designs to Get Inspired

Last year we’ve seen a few unique post designs in various blogs and i thought this kind of post design must be trendy in the future.Just while thinking like that,Wordpress 3.0 brought us a great functionality for custom post designs but still not preferred by the bloggers.

30 In-Depth Logo Design Case Studies

Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo? Well if you have you’re in luck, because today we have some eye opening logo design case studies.You get to go behind the scenes and discover what it takes to design a successful logo. The case studies below provide an overview of logo redesign/design by talented designers.

The Anatomy Of a Business Card

An item that is very important in establishing a good visual identity is the business card that could give you more pieces of information.

45 Stunning Flash Based Restaurant Websites For Your Inspiration

A great restaurant website needs to communicate the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as its good food.

How to Design a Perfect Website for Your Client

Designing a website is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity and effort on designer’s part so that he can come up with a design, which is exceptional. Websites are a different medium of communication as compared to brochures, flyers, business cards or post cards etc. When a client approaches you to design a website for their product, they obviously want something outstanding. The design of a website should be attractive and it should instantly grab the attention of the visitor. Seeking attention of the visitor is important however, sustaining a visitor on your website is more important and a well designed website will do it.

Our Favourite Designer & Developer Podcasts

Podcasts are popping up all over the design and developer scene, where bloggers, designers and developers chat about the latest trends and answer those key questions being asked in the community.

Giveaway: 250 Die Cut Business Cards

Today, we have a very special giveaway exclusively for readers of Inspirationfeed. Thanks to UPrinting, one of the world’s leading business cards online printing companies, we’re able to give away 500 free business cards to one lucky reader.

10 Signs Of a Bad Client You Should Drop

10 Signs Of a Bad Client You Should Drop. I know many of you have had a client that you didn’t enjoy working with, but it was too late to drop the client.

The 9 Advantages of In-house Design

Many in the business world debate whether to use outsourced services for Web hosting and design or to bring these services in house. Here you will find 9 advantages of in-house design over contracted services that should help you make the right choice.

Free High Quality Twitter Background for Business and Coporate

We are giving high quality twitter background image for business or Corporate use. This is a PSD and you can modify the content in it and set it for your twitter background.

11 Music websites for design inspiration

Music is an art of arranging sounds, 99% of the people are into music, some are into listening some into playing and some into producing in short all are all together in Music.

Cooking an Effective Print Advertisement

Right from the beginning, print advertisements have been an important part of advertising. This is an ages old medium and still prevails in the ad world. Although with the introduction of online advertisement and electronic mediums, print ads have lost a chunk among the audience, however, there are millions who still rely on advertising through printed ads. Following is process and tips that will help the designers (and other people as well) cook an effective print advertisement and let your customers savor from it..

30 Beautiful Designed Free Downloadable PSD Templates

Free photoshop or PSD template designs available on the internet always save your time and money. Starting from scratch on a new web-design project can be tough for the beginner and even the advanced user when the ideas aren’t coming. A quick fix for this can be to start with a template as the foundation. It can be dissected for quick learning and can spark ideas that you may not have thought of. Below are 40 PSD site temps to help guide you through the learning curve or generate some new ideas.

Best online chat tools for your website

On this roundup we will be studying some of the essential chat services (free and not) that can be implemented in your web page, we will consider different aspects, including price, quality and difficulty of use, we hope you enjoy this article.

WordPress: Custom Gravatars With A Fallback

Here is a really simple snippet that will have Gravatar support in seconds with the handy option of a custom default avatar as a fall back.


Essentially having a beautiful packaging design is a great way to sell you product and attract new customers. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on product design, so if you’re planning to be in this field you can expect great income.

50 Fantabulous Free And Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes

In this article I am going to present you a Collection of 50 Fantabulous Free And Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes you can use to show off your work.

Which Information Should You Trust?

Like many things discovering which information is the best to trust is a skill that can be developed and improved as long as you look to information with an open mind and a willingness to test that information and compare it to your own experience.

30 Beautifully Designed Navigation Bar For Your Inspiration

A navigation bar (also known as a links bar or link bar) is a sub region of a web page that contains hypertext links in order to navigate between the pages of a website. Since it usually appears on all or at least on several pages of a website, it is one of the key design-elements of websites – in terms of usability as well as visual attractiveness.

How To Give Your Photos A Lomo Effect [Photoshop Tutorial]

Obviously, you’re pretty much into lomo yes? Then you’ve come to the right site. This Photoshop tutorial will help you get that lomo effect even without a lomo camera. Your cheaper alternative to getting that oversaturated, cool-looking photos you have always wanted. Good deal huh?

Digital Art Inspiration: Text Art & Typography in Movie Poster Designs

In this showcase of brilliant typographical works I look to showcase the best in Text Art & Typographical Movie Poster designs.

Create a Ying-Yang concept design with Photoshop and Illustrator

Today we will create a concept design based on the Ying-Yang symbol using stock photos and vectors. You will learn to manipulate pictures, skin retouching and body reconstruction, along with creating a concept design.

How to create a medical website layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice medical web layout using Photoshop.

Top 10 Handy Web Typography Tools

While we all know the importance of the content of any webpage, what we often ignore is the first impression that the visitor forms when visiting any webpage.

Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART

Here we showcase some of the best digital artworks which principally use text art and typography as the main theme to create works of true inspiration.

30 Latest jQuery Plugins Write Less Do More Javascripts Episode – 6

Here are Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode – 6 focusing on all JavaScript category browsing and further resources to reduce time and effort while increasing your audience. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

Freelance Graphic Designing – Good or Bad?

Working as a freelancer is a new working trend in the professional world and has also become very popular source of income these days. Either you are working alongside a regular job, or on a work-from-home projects, freelancing has its own unique charm for professionals and especially the graphic designing community. A great number of graphic designers work as freelancers. This is the kind of field that gives you the flexibility and margin to do self-employed projects, and it often pays them very well. When it comes to being a freelance graphic designer, you can see endless discussions of pros and cons of being a “freelance” graphic designer.

Inspirational Fantasy Illustrations

Fantasy art is my favourite genre and I am always on the look out for fresh and creative illustrations from various talented digital artists such as GENZOMAN and RodrigoElven.

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