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jStat – JavaScript Statistical Library

jStat is a statistical library written in JavaScript that allows you to perform advanced statistical operations without the need of a dedicated statistical language (i.e. MATLAB or R). The majority of jStat functions can be used independently of any other libraries. However, the plotting functionality of jStat is based on the jQuery plugin – flot.

jStat only uses elements that adhere to the jQuery UI ThemeRoller styles so any jQuery UI theme can be used. jStat uses numerous advanced statistical functions that require considerable processing power. This requirement results in differing user experiences depending upon your browser choice. Currently, the fastest browser is Google Chrome. jStat should work in all major browsers. Most of the limitations arise from the use of the HTML 5 canvas element when plotting.

Requirements: jQuery Framework, Flot
License: MIT License

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  1. Catalin


    Buddy, when your site loads, the only thing I see are ads…. maybe you should cut it down a bit.

    I wanna see some content as well.

    • Mufti Ali


      Hi Catalin, thanks for sharing. Currently, it is one way to keep this site running. Because I need money for rent vps server. In the future, I will gradually eliminating these ads.

  2. Trevor Norris


    We’ve posted the code on GitHub[]. The source is going under big changes to allow users to adopt the library into any number of different things.

    Hopefully with some community involvement jStat will branch beyond flot and work with a number of different javascript graphing libraries.

    The core does work with Node.js, but we haven’t tested anything else out.