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Building an Image Gallery with Progressive Enhancement

Nettuts teach us how to create an image gallery that will work in almost all environments, using progressive enhancement techniques. Progressive enhancement is the opposite of graceful degradation, where you build your site/app with all the features, and then make sure it looks good and functions decently in older browsers.


The result of this tutorial is beautifull  image gallery where we can drag our images around to view them; it will be a very basic simulation of a stack of photos on your coffee table. When you click on one, it will slide open to reveal some details about the image. If JavaScript is turned off, we’ll have a nice grid of image to choose from; clicking them will take us to a page with a larger version of the image and the details. If there’s no CSS support, we’ll get an ugly (but working) list of the images.

View tutorial:…


  1. Gianna


    Just had to say great post! Enjoyed reading it. I don’t comment much, but just had to say, “this is a great site”. Very informative. Thanks for the insight!

  2. San Jose Girl


    This was cool to read, thanks.