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jVal – jQuery Form Field Validation Plugin

jVal is a jQuery form field validation plugin that provides an appealing animated message flyout that doesn’t impede form layout/design while being user-friendly.


  • Current development version is only 8KB and 5.8KB minified
  • Check validity of field values within a certain container or block element based off simple INPUT tag attributes
  • Easy configuration of validity checks per field as per attributes in the INPUT tag
  • Check the validity of all fields within a certain container with a single function call
  • Check the validity of a single field when the user clicks away firing the onBlur event
  • Prevent the user to input specific characters into the field and notify them it’s not allowed
Known Issues
  • There are known formatting issues when the container block with the form field is of a certain type, display:inline-block and TD elements work best with the current version
  • jVal warning/error text is larger than default Safari input[type=text] fields – isn’t symmetrical in height and position with the field.
  • resizing the window fouls the placement of the jVal warning/errors as well as the fields. This could be solved by clearing the warnings/errors with the window.onResize event.

Demo :–jquery-form-field-validation-plugin/
License : MIT License

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  1. personel servisi


    Nice Code Thanks.

  2. Astematur


    very nice cod. Thanks.

  3. Karton Poset


    Hi, what’s the license on this plugin for commercial sites?

    • Mufti Ali


      Hi, this plugin released under MIT License.

  4. it’s nice coding. thank you.