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Plax – Parallax Effect Plugin For jQuery

Plax is a jQuery plugin that makes it super easy to parallax elements in your site based on mouse position. You can see it implemented in many places throughout GitHub, including the 404 page, the 500 page, and the about page.

You can add an item to the list of parallaxing layers by call plaxify() method. It has 3 paramters:

  • xRange — integer: is the distance across the x-axis the object will travel.
  • yRange — integer: is the distance across the y-axis the object will travel.
  • invert — boolean: inverting will invert the direction the object will travel across each axis.

Requirements: jQuery framework
License: Other License

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  1. Fareed Khan


    Thank you for this Great Java query Plugin…

  2. Jack Sparow


    Thanx for this… will definitely come in handy. BTW the demo seems to be down.

  3. Marc Emery


    Awesome stuff, demo seems to be back online too.

    I was wondering, is it possible to have the effect occur only when you hover over a certain area?

    Lets say you have the Plax effect within a layer and only once you move over that layer do you get the desired effect? Any way to achieve this?

    Thanx in advance!

  4. ChrnoLove


    Thanks for the great plugin, btw the demo link is still working, check it again Jack :)