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Here’s a cool lightbox I’ve found that can be useful in displaying images in your site. Christophe Beyls introduces you the Slimbox2, a 4KB visual clone of Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar that is written with jQuery javascript library. It is designed to be more convenient and compatible with the Lightbox 2 as well as standards-friendly and highly customizable.

Its features include:

  1. It’s ready to launch as soon as document is ready. No need to wait for images to load before you click on the link that will launch the Lightbox effect.
  2. Centers images vertically aside from horizontally, upon startup.
  3. Works perfectly on horizontal scrolling sites
  4. Hides flash animations, embedded videos and select boxes in IE6 while it is open to prevent display bugs in other browsers.
  5. With the “loop” option, it lets you navigate between first and last images
  6. Responsive. Allows you to close immediately at any time using your mouse or keyboard. You can also navigate any image before current image has loaded
  7. You won’t notice any bug if you start or stop Slimbox or even navigate between images to interrupt animations then resume unlike Lightbox wherein animation stops and elements are not in its proper position.
  8. It can be launched from traditional image links inside the page but can also be launched directly from Javascript via its API.

You can check out Beyls’ demo, full documentation and download the file by clicking on the image.



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1 Comment

  1. Bertram Simon


    Check this out:

    It is a one single file slimbox solution:-)