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Upload Your Files with These 10 Powerful jQuery Uploader Plugins

Today’s web developers are unstoppable about creating newer and better plugins for your web site, so I’ve gathered 10 of the most powerful jQuery File Uploaders for your web site or blog. One of the plugins featured here is the jQuery upload which lets you upload your files by Ajax style.

Ajax Upload by Valums

Ajax Upload provides good user experiences everywhere. It uses XHR for multiple uploads of files with progress bar in FF3.6+, Safari4+, Chrome and goes back to the hidden iframe based-upload in other browsers.

Plupload v1.5.1.1

This file uploader lets you upload your files using Silverlight, Flash, HTML5 Gears and BrowserPlus. It also allows resizing of image and shows you its upload progress.


This plugin combines Javascript and other known server-side languages. It has multiple file upload abilities and a large support community with the docs.

Ajax Multiple File Upload Form using jQuery

This plugin permits the user to upload multiple files easily.

Multiple File Upload Plugin

This is an unobtrusive plugin which helps the user to select multiple files with ease, provides basic validation functionality, and helps identify errors without before you upload our files.

Uploadprogress v0.3 – jQuery + PHP plug-in

It allows users to select files individually and provides information about the uploading progress.

jQuery Form Plugin

A basic file uploader form that allows you to test your files.

Fancy Upload – Swiff meets Ajax v3.0

This plugin is easy to set up, server-independent, uses MooTools to work on all modern browsers and styleable through XHTML and CSS. It features a multiple file selection menu and queued upload with animated progress bar.

SWFUpload jQuery Plugin

The SWFUploader, which was rewritten by Adam Royle, uses jQuery to make a real event dispatcher. It makes multiple SWFupload instances on single page easier to manage, completely separates SWFUpload object from UI codes, and has the ability to assign multiple callbacks per event.


This plugin sends the file you choose the email address you input.

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