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Vine Adds New Tools


Vine is on top of the video-sharing service with its usage of this cool app that lets you shoot and share six-second video clip until photo-sharing giant Instagram emerged and added its own photo-service last month. Since then Vine has dropped its ratings and Instagram took on the lead, until now!

The Twitter-owned Vine which started to rise on the scene few months ago, became the users favorite. However, the lead has changed, so it is stepping up to the challenge and has added new features on its service to level up with Instagram. For one, the company has improved its camera tools so discovering interesting clips is now easier. The app’s camera also has new focusing capabilities, new grid overlay and ghosting tool. The latter overlays what you have recorded last so you can make a more refined six-second clip.

It has 15 new channels to explore, which are interesting to see. There’s also a feature called “Revining”, the latest feature similar to Tumblr’s re-blogging that allows you to share your video within your timeline. Whereas before, sharing vines only works on other social networks and embedding the video on the site.

Another new feature is the private vine which lets you create a protected account. If you turn it on, only your circle of friends will be able to see it while the other vines not in it remain public.

They are now available for iOS while the Android app will be updated so the new features can be rolled out as soon as possible.


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