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30 All-Time Greatest MooTools Plugins

Alongside jQuery MooTools is possibly one of the most comprehensive JavaScript libraries to date. The package not only offers exceptional documentation but developers are able to create plugins running off MooTools. These have been shared thoroughly around web design blogs and between social networking groups.

Here we have a great collection of the most popular plugins for MooTools. The range includes UI elements, graphs and canvas creation, image cropping, dropdown menus, animation effects, and so much more! For more info check out the MooTools Forge Page on further documentation.

Vertical CSS Show/Hide Menus

MooTools ShowHide Box Plugin

The Vertical menu was created with a toggle switch between states. There is an active and hidden view which displays between a calming transition effect. All code is written standard through MooTools and works simply by including the project files.

Skype-style Buttons with MooTools

design a Skype-style MooTools button

Here you are able to create a unique Skype-style button set for MooTools. The demo requires just a bit of CSS and some external images to wrap everything together. This effect will allow for great contact fields.


MooTools Panorama plugin Pamoorama

A very creative JavaScript class built on the mootools framework. Here you create a fielding box to house your image and allow the user to drag and drop positioning. Dragging from right to left will move the view between areas on the picture. This effect only works on larger images and has been tested in mostly all modern browsers.


Kroppr MooTools plugin for image cropping

Ever seen the cropping effects for avatars or profile pictures in social networking applications? These have been developed over time and refined through 3rd party libraries. With Kroppr you are able to add these effects through MooTools and create your own dynamic image cropping script!

MooTools Charts

MooTools Charts plugin written Copix3

With MooTools Charts you have the ability to draw data on the fly. These graphics include datasets for digital graphics such as bar, pie, plot-point or tables. The framework is very detailed and contains thorough documentation on their functions.

Mediabox Advanced

MooTools plugin MediaBox Advanced

I’m sure most are familiar with the popular lightbox plug-in for the jQuery library. Mediabox Advanced is a step up offering huge potential for in-page fade in popups. You can store all types of data and you control all settings for each box. Content includes videos, text, external pages, any many other media types.


MooTools AutoCompleter Plugin Project

AutoCompleter is a newer plugin under development in Germany. It allows you to create a search bar autocomplete function which matches that of Google Instant. This promotes growth in many areas and with Ajax calls being easier than ever implementation is a snap.

Facebook Sliders with MooTools

Facebook-style sliders built with MooTools

Facebook has offered many custom UI elements since launching its new design just a year or 2 prior. Here David Walsh goes over a very simple tutorial for developing a MooTools plugin for UI elements. The design mirrors that of Facebook’s sliders and gives precise control to user input fields.


MooTools powered Smooth Scroll functionality

Smooth scroll is a versatile plugin useful for many web designers. Utilizing DOM functionality in MooTools you can create a smoothing effect with each mouse scroll. This isn’t supported in all browsers, although results produced turn out fantastic in all the demos I’ve tried.

iPhone Checkboxes

Dynamic iOS HTML5 Checkboxes

Also developed by David Walsh is this great collection of iPhone checkboxes. These are all created using some basic HTML and CSS markup to cleverly decorate form input fields. From here MooTools can check the element’s state and change each from on to off based on a mouseclick event handler.


MooTools OmniGrid grids plugin

Here we have another advanced data grid plugin. This allows you to manipulate input data (even from RSS or Atom feeds) and plug in to dynamic data fields. You are able to create tables on-the-fly with custom scrollbars and sorting functionality for columns.


ImageCaption for dynamic image text

Image Caption is a very handy function for all MooTools enthusiasts. You are able to add a unique custom caption beneath each image without wrecking the page flow on your site. Each image is given a small padding area and all content is customized beforehand with careful CSS techniques.

Content Slider Class v2

MooTools Content Slider v2 Release

This is a simple plugin with features allowing to create content sliders in-page. HTML doesn’t offer many solutions and plain JavaScript can get messy. MooTools handles this nicely and with some recent alterations the Slider Class v2 contains many bug fixes and new features.

Ultra-Versatile Slider

versatile Slider box for MooTools

Although similar as above this plugin was developed from Antonio Lupetti of Woork. Ultra-Versatile Slider is yet another great content slider plug-in with support for custom HTML elements. All of the code is documented and throughout the post Antonio explains many of the key points at integrating the plugin.


Moogenda - Calendar Plugin written on MooTools Library

There aren’t many powerful apps allowing you to run your own dynamic calendar online. Moogenda does just this in a very sophisticated way – all through the power of the MooTools framework! The plugin allows for events to be posted and edited and custom scope can be set between year/month/day views.

Custom Missing Image

David Walsh Custom Missing Browser Image

Most browsers are known for their “image not found” graphics. The small red x from Internet Explorer is the most prominent memory of this. This plugin runs off MooTools to counter the browser’s missing image and replace with one of your own choosing. Although not very practical it can provide a nice branding effect not seen in many sites today.


TwitterGlitter Plugin Home Page

Here is one of the few plugins to connect into an external API. By pulling data from your Twitter feed you are able to manipulate the tweets into your own board. This plugin works under its own class of functions and can be shared between documents with ease.

Twitter Emulation with MooTools 1.2

Similar Twitter Clone for MooTools

Another great Twitter tool based in JavaScript and powered by MooTools. This Twitter emulator not only works quickly but offers extensive documentation into the unknown functionality. I wouldn’t recommend one plugin over another, rather test both out and see which you prefer.

Newsvine-Style News Ticker

Newsvine News Ticker in MooTools

We’ve all seen news ticker feeds and open source projects pooling search results. Newsvine is prominently known for showcasing a fastidious and impressive news feed ticker. Using this plugin you are able to create and pull RSS data into a Newsvine-like feed ticker for your own website!


MooFlow Cover art design plugin

Similar to cover flow for the iTunes store, MooFlow is a clone script creating the same effect. MooTools has a powerful graphics library so manipulating the animation and scroll bar are the only convoluted tasks involved.


Dynamic image reflections in MooTools

Yet another great effect taken from the marketing strategies of Apple Computers. Image reflections are popular in web 2.0 design and it’s been created in the past through Flash and Java applets. Now JavaScript allows you to create such a run with the Reflections plugin through MooTools.

Morph Effect On Mouseenter/Mouseleave

animated morphing effect plugin

Event handlers are some of the most important events for MooTools activists. Here we are checking for a mouse over event which morphs content underneath the container division. This isn’t an entirely useful plugin, but it does provide some nice aesthetics.

Track Outbound Analytics Links

Google Analytics Outbound Links tracker plugin

Google Analytics is also another favorite client of mine. Tracking traffic data is simple with this MooTools plugin. You are able to see how many visitors are clicking your links and which are the most popular. This can be combined with other graphics and maths plugins to create your own graph representing website traffic data.

Window Growl

MooTools Window Growl plugin homepage

Window Growl is a competitive plugin for MooTools similar to lightbox. This is a much simpler effect which can pop up mid-screen or into a corner of the page with a short amount of information. This is great for letting the user know you’ve saved their profile settings or updated a small piece of the web page.

MIF Tree

Tree structures are very difficult to create in HTML and even with HTML5/CSS3 standards things are still difficult. MIF Tree is a MooTools plugin allowing you to create tree directories on-the-fly. These will display properly in browser and are even open for edits to folders and file names.


mooSocialize sharing widget for social media

Social media sharing buttons are all the rage. You can see badges sewn across blogs throughout Google and beyond. mooSocialize is a unique plugin which contains all the sharing code needed for dozens of popular social media apps. The sharing widget is powered through MooTools and features custom input functionality.

WP Tools

MooTools WordPress Tools plugin

WP Tools is a great set of DOM effects for manipulating popular WordPress elements. The plugin lets you change site appearance and CSS documents on the fly – or even update them with the passing of each day (morning to night). There are plenty of options and effects to mess around with. Check the documentation link for further info.

Sliding Login Panel

Sliding Login Panel built over MooTools

Just another popular sliding login panel. Powered by MooTools many of the animation effects are clean and browser friendly. Although not as popular as the earlier page slider, this does contain more room for visitors to browse while staying unobtrusive to the reader.


Math Floor Library plugin for MooTools

Math isn’t always everybody’s favorite task. When developing with math problems often times we ask ourselves why even bother? MooTools.Floor is a revolutionary new platform which allows for complex mathematical manipulation to be performed quickly and efficiently. The project is still under active development and offered free to download.


BySlideMenu dynamic navigation plugin

Just another slider menu? Actually here we are working with a simple slide effect which can be used to house menu items. These could also be tabs inside a sliding content box which houses individual page items. Either way give it a try – just remember to install MooTools before activating!

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