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Creating a 3D Animation in Flash CS5

Here’s a cool flash tutorial I found courtesy of Etheosweb. The tutorial is about how you can rotate objects in 3D motion using Flash CS5.

The following are things you will need:

  • Install Flash Player 10.0 so you can view Flash animation.
  • Your Adobe Flash CS5 should be installed in the system to work with downloaded*.fla file.

Follow the steps below to understand the basic tools in Flash CS5:

  • As you start Flash CS5, select ActionScript 3.0, under Create New area to load new file.
  • Select SMALL SCREEN from interface type drop down which can be seen at the right of menubar area.
  • Activate Rectangle Tool from Tools Panel. Create a rectangle in the stage area and make its height larger than its width.
  • Select rectangle from stage area then select Window > Transfer from menubar.
  • Double-click rectangle and select Modify > New Symbol from menubar.
  • Name symbol as Box1_mc then hit OK button.
  • Select Box1_mc movieclip then press and hold ALT key and make another copy and align them together.
  • Select left box and in Transform box, set Y + -40 under 3D Rotation and for right box, set Y + 40. Align them.
  • Press CTRL + a. This selects both objects in stage area.
  • Choose first keyframe in timeline, right click on selected frame and select Create Motion Tween from layout.
  • Move last frame to frame 55. Select Window > Transform from main menubar.
  • Hold down CTRL and press Enter if you want to test the animated movie.

Hope this featured tutorial helped you and if you want to know more about this cool effect, click on the image.

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