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How To Create A Basic Social Sharing Button

If you’re looking for a cool way to implement some refreshing share buttons for your site then you’re in luck — today’s post is just for you! This featured tutorial shared by Stacy Summers from will show you how to create a basic and elemental pair of buttons that you can use to share your site’s contents.

Oh, and if you consider yourself a little rusty in the web programming language department, do not fret, for this tutorial only requires minimal coding. It only involves 2 steps, which is copy/pasting an HTML code and creating a .js file.

Here are the steps:

  • Copy/paste the following snippet below into your HTML file.
<a onclick="Share.facebook('URL','TITLE','IMG_PATH','DESC')"> {sharing is sexy}</a>
<a onclick="Share.twitter('URL','TITLE')"> {sharing is sexy}</a>
<a href="
URL&p%5Bimages%5D%5B0%5D=IMG_PATH" target="_blank" onclick="return;">{sharing is sexy}</a>
<a href="
=URL" target="_blank" onclick="return">{sharing is sexy}</a>     

  • Create a .js file and copy/paste this in.
Share = {
facebook: function(purl, ptitle, pimg, text) {
url = '';
url += '&p[title]=' + encodeURIComponent(ptitle);
url += '&p[summary]=' + encodeURIComponent(text);
url += '&p[url]=' + encodeURIComponent(purl);
url += '&p[images][0]=' + encodeURIComponent(pimg);
twitter: function(purl, ptitle) {
url = '';
url += 'text=' + encodeURIComponent(ptitle);
url += '&url=' + encodeURIComponent(purl);
url += '&counturl=' + encodeURIComponent(purl);
popup: function(url) {,'','toolbar=0,status=0,width=626, height=436');

  • You can use the following share buttons here or better yet, check out Stacy’s post to get more button choices.

Enjoy your new buttons and have a nice day!

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