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Flickr Microslider

10 Nifty Image Slideshow Effects with jQuery

Here’s a list of 10 innovative plugins to create breathtaking slideshows for your image gallery or portfolio.

How to Create a Slideshow Plugin with jQuery – This slideshow makes use of a jQuery plugin called Powerslide.

Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview – Here’s a really cool slideshow that automatically adjusts according to the size of the browser window (read: responsive web pages) with the little help of JavaScript and CSS.

Bubble Slideshow Effect with jQuery – This very easy-to-use and customizable slideshow will give your site visitors a unique and interesting way of viewing your image gallery.

Fullscreen Slideshow with HTML5 Audio and jQuery – This particular slideshow uses the Vegas jQuery plugin, the jQuery easing plugin, and the jScrollPane. The tutorial also includes the addition of sound to add a little bit of atmosphere with the help of the HTML5 audio element and a JavaScript audio library called Buzz.

Photoflip slideshow effect with jQuery – Here’s a slideshow that uses both jQuery and CSS3 to flip through a stack of images. It’s set on automatic but if you’d like the images to flip only with mouse clicks, the tutorial also provides you a way to be able to do that too.

Flickr-powered Slideshow – This particular slideshow plugin uses Flickr’s APIs and YQL to fetch photosets from your Flickr account.

Flickrgallery – You just got to hand it to the guys at Flickr for developing its own slideshow gallery plugins, which is why it’s such a huge hit among hobbyists and professional photographers alike.  (Click here for demo).

Gallerific – Here’s an awesome plugin that can handle high volumes of photos while conserving bandwidth. It will showcase the images with minor modifications or design adjustments (Click here for demo).

s3Slider jQuery Plugin – If you want to place one of your images in the header section of your page or you want your images to include text that will link to internal pages then you might want to check out this plugin. (Click here for demo).

Supersized – If you want to immediately showcase your photo gallery by making it fill out almost the whole screen then you might want to try out this plugin (click here for demo). One cool aspect of this plugin is that it maintains the images’ dimension ratio.

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