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2012 Web Development and Tech Forecasts

AS we usher in 2012, the web development community has been coming up with several forecasts for the industry. Although most of this surrounds an influx of greater improvements in the technological frontier, it may also spell doom for some brands. The question is, how will these changes affect the entire tech landscape for users, developers, designers, and marketers?

Let’s check out some of the latest online buzz:

  • IT enterprise vendors seek to reduce failures from the past year and use them as leverage for future improvements.
  • Mobile competition becomes steeper with rapid developments in functionality, though this may result in some popular mobile brands falling behind the race.
  • Dominant frameworks such as jQuery, Node.js,, Fitvids, JavascriptMVC and SproutCore, as well as HTML5 will take the lead in the web development industry. Same goes for software as independent support for hardware.
  • Some tech editors predict exciting, if sometimes drastic changes in the industry, from the rise of OpenFlow to patent wars, to the resurrection of the music distribution business, all founded on a common theme: consumerization.
  • Awesome, isn’t it? And if you’re still hankering for more juicy info on what’s in store for us this year, check out this list of web design trends and 15 hot technologies, which are probably more than enough to last us the next 6 months.

    And with that, we at Blogfreakz.Com wish you all a wonderful 2012!

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