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Studio Design App

Ever since Instagram came out, pretty much everyone with a smartphone seemed to have suddenly become an expert in Photoshop overnight. With its generous selection of effects and preset filters, users are able to create beautiful and stunning photos that used to be only Photoshop experts can achieve. That’s what Overlay Studio Inc is hoping to accomplish with Studio Design.

If Instagram made you feel like a Photoshop expert when it comes to retouching photos then Studio Design will make you feel like an expert when it comes to creating graphic designs. Unlike Instagram, Studio Design will allow you to add more than just color/filter effects. With it you can add various overlays – layers that contains texts and shapes that you can place on top of your stock photo which you can also alter by resizing, repositioning, changing its color, opacity, and angle.

Two issues I encountered with the app as of the time of this writing are that 1) it is so slow, that every time I try to apply a filter it takes so long for it to show me the output, and 2) creating an account using either Facebook or email is still buggy; you’ll run into some difficulty trying to provide a username. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix it by the time you read this.

Other than that, probably one little I might criticize it for is its interface, which may take you some time to be familiar of but then might already be nitpicking.

Click here
to download it.

However, if you think you’ll just wait it off until the dev team fixes the issues, one other app you might also want to check out is PicStamp, which I also like except for its very limited layer options.

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