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Customizing your WordPress Dashboard Display

What is WordPress Dashboard?

Wordpress dashboard is the first page that you encounter when you log into your blog administration area. The “default page” allows you to see everything that is happening with your blog, from the main posts, stats, recent comments, wordpress news, and any plugins/widgets or updates you might be interested in. You, as the blog administrator can use Dashboard to do just about anything on your blog.

However, sometimes there is so much information on the Dashboard that it can actually get in the way of what you are actually trying to do. Customizing your WordPress Dashboard Display can improve user navigation, and can help streamline your publishing process.

Here’s what we are talking about  from a default wordpress dashboard:

So why customize it?

The custom control over appearance and functions of your WordPress Dashboard can really make your publishing process MUCH MUCH easier. you can clear the clutter , and place relevant controls and information to you on it!

Suggestion: You can tailor your experience with a few easy steps

Here is how to set the wordpress dashboard display:

  1. Log into your wordpress admin.
  2. Select the “Screen Options” tab to open the settings options. Upper –right corner- this opens up your Dashboard configuration options.
  3. Here you can choose your Dashboard preferences. Choose as many widgets you want to show, and how many columns for your screen layout.
  4. Click again to close the Options Screen settings option.
  5. Done.

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