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Cupcake forum, bulletin board system powered by CakePHP

The Cupcake Forum is a slimmed down version of the popular bulletin board system, packaged into a plugin. The plugin can be dropped into any CakePHP application and will run smoothly with a bit of configuration. The plugin comes bundled with all the basic features of a stand-alone system, some of which include topics, posts, users, polls, moderators, staff and more. For a full list, view the chapter regarding Features.



Below you can find a detailed list containing most of the features within the plugin. To better understand each feature, you should download and install the plugin!


  • Forum wrappers and forum categories
  • First tier sub-forums
  • Activity and latest post tracking
  • Auto-Lock old topics
  • Enable/Disable post count increments
  • Individual settings for reading, posting, replying, etc
  • Access/Private specific forums
  • Create topics or polls
  • Reply to topics, or quote previous posts


  • Moderators, Super Moderators and Admin levels
  • Restrict moderators to specific forums
  • Inline moderation and management
  • Mass processing (Move, Delete, Close, etc)
  • Ability to edit and manage users content


  • Full admin panel using CakePHP admin routes
  • Requires the administration access level
  • Can add, edit, order, delete forums and categories
  • Manage all reported content
  • Promote, demote, create access levels, staff and moderators
  • Edit forum settings through the panel
  • Manage all aspects and content


  • Utilizes CakePHPs Auth and Security Components
  • Advanced flood protection (Posts and Topics)
  • Hourly post limitations
  • Registration security wall
  • Form protection against bots and hackers


  • BBCode support using the Decoda Helper
  • Mark topics as read (Session)
  • Log created topics and posts (Session)
  • Access level verification
  • Report system for topics, posts and users
  • Search through topics (Title and Post)
  • RSS feeds for each forum

Demo :
License : Free

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  1. senseforweb


    bulletin board system powered by CakePHP is really nice post

  2. Clip


    Thanks for sharing and exellent post

  3. Thanks dear keep posting

  4. Amber Lynn


    Hi !! I am the newest here but i’m really curious in web development.
    Would really love to reveal opinions on php development and improvement myself here.
    Would like to be familiar with jake?
    Which I have come to find out is virtually a link between Cakephp and Joomla?
    How can these really merge and provide an impact to web development in php??

    • mupet


      Hi amber, if you want to learn web development, php is the best point to start. After you familiar with php, you can jump to using cms like wordpress or joomla, you can start to modify those cms. You have to know it is differs between cakephp and joomla. Joomla, wordpressand drupal is ready to use content management system. CakePHP,codeigniter is framework, you can using this framework to help you increasing the speed of your development, the best think of this cms is it use MVC (model View Controller) as pattern that keep your code clean and easy to update in the future. My suggestion, start to join web development community, you can find it on google groups. Im join cakephp and ruby on rails google groups. The community will help you to learn.