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Read/Write An XML File Using CakePHP 1.3

Here’s a snippet that is sure to be quite useful for PHP programmers and web developers who often work with XML files. It’s a code to read/write an XML file by using CakePHP. Some of you might find a few lines a bit familiar, which is because parts of it are borrowed from the concept of parsing XML.

//Save data to an xml
App::import('Helper', 'Xml');
$xml = new XmlHelper();
$file = $xml->header();
$file .= $xml->serialize($config, array('whitespace' => true));
$xmlFile = new File(path_to_file);
$xmlFile->write($file, 'w');
//Read data from an XML
if (file_exists(path_to_file)) {
 App::import('Helper', 'Xml');
 $parsed_xml = new XML(path_to_file);
 $data = $parsed_xml->toArray();
 $this->data['Email'] = $data['StdClass'];

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  1. Jleagle


    1.3 is pretty old now.

  2. dogmatic69


    When using Cake 1.3 and SimpleXml is available on your server its recommended to use that instead.

    The Xml classes are know to be quite buggy and there is a bit of a performance gain in using SimpleXml

    Since 2.x Cake wraps SimpleXml and DomDocument as its no longer targeted at php4