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110+ Tutorial & Resources For Web Designer And Web Developer

Today is the time for us to published collection of fresh articles, tutorial and resources for graphic designer, web designers and web developers. All the articles have been submitted by blogfreakz readers. I Hope you will find useful resources below and submitting your articles if you have.

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a space vortex effect

This tutorial is dedicated to show you how to create a fancy space vortex design with pure Adobe Photoshop. We will need to develop our own brushes, work with smart objects and use a lot of effects.

Makoto Shinkai, Director & Animator

Following up from my last article on Studio Ghilbi, I want to carry on with this small series of showcases which will introduce you to various different types of animation styles and the animation studios that produce absolutely stunning visuals

How Important is Sketching for Your Designing

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of graphic designing process. To put it correctly, sketching can be termed as ‘the mother of graphic arts’. Nowadays, the general perception about sketching is that it is either a part of initial training given to Fine Arts students or it’s a good hobby for anyone who can draw well.

101 Premium WordPress Themes that Will Make Your Site Awesome!

WordPress is a very popular CMS and as a result there are literally 1000?s of themes to choose from. Having all of these themes to choose from can be both good and bad.

35 Striking Automobile Official Website’s For Your Inspiration

Released here are some of the popular automobile websites with their beautiful designs and grand automobile for you to give a test drive.

60 Imaginative Photos Taken With Forced Perspective Photography Technique

There are many photography techniques and i think each of them need special ability to get the perfect result.Especially,if you want to take a little bit conceptual photos you must imagine and/or know the photography tecnique for the best result.Today i want to tell you about a different photography technique which is Forced Perspective.

Windows Live and WordPress Join Hands To Give Customers a Better Blogging Experience

Realizing and understanding the blogging requirements of website users or bloggers, Windows Live felt a need to merge with WordPress, as, WordPress created a good impression on them with their impressive features and appreciated output on different levels, be it a scalable stage, the most important spam protection or the task of personalization and customization.

DeviantART Does: Functional and Sexy Web Interfaces

I am going to roundup and showcase several brilliant web interface designs from which I have found would be the most functional and still have great aesthetics.

Will Mobile Apps Put You Out Of Work?

More and more we’re using the Internet to to transport information, but less and less we’re using the browser to display and interact with that information. This paradigm shift has many implications that impact web designers as well as SEOs. Will we still have a place in the future of apps?

SKY/CLOUDS – Textures, Tutorials, Brushes, Icons, Inspiration etc

Today’s article is a roundup about sky/clouds. It includes everything: brushes, textures, icons, tutorials, inspiration, and more… As always, enjoy :-)

Giveaway: Go Media Arsenal Vector set

Go Media is one of the most popular design firms, and they definitely live up to the hype. They do incredible client work, and with their Arsenal, they provide premium artwork to some of the most recognized brands in the world, like Nike, Adidas, and NBC to name a few. We’re proud to have them as a partner, and we’re excited to work with them.

Portrait Photography Inspiration: Inked and Glamorous

This roundup of photography showcases several sources of inspiration i’ve found across the web, it concentrates on the inked and glamorous portrait photography.

30 Beautiful Vintage Websites For Your Inspiration

Here we have gathered some amazing examples of Vintage and Retro web designs which are bold and creative in their own way. Let’s have a look and Enjoy!

How to create a Modern Heart Concept in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a Steampunk-ish concept design, but with a slightly different approach. Instead of the rusty and old look, we will use cleaner and shinier elements. We will also make use of nature elements, vectors and some brushes.

Interview with Artist Jana Jelovac

Jana Jelovac is a young and talented artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She is a Graduate in Interior Design but found a passion for Digital Art and Graphic Design and now she loves doing projects in these fields. Her work has a grungy feel to it, it’s original and it has a specific style that you will recognize in all of her artworks.

AE Tutorials: 50 Superb Must Have Effects

It has been almost six months since my last post on After Effects tutorials titled: After Effects Tutorial: 60 Kick Ass Effects. Since then I have been scouring the web in search of fresh new Adobe AE tutorials for you to try out. I am confident that these 50 superb AE tutorials will guide you in creating some amazing motion graphics for your next project. Now the hard part will be deciding which of these amazing tutorials you will use in your next creation. Hope you enjoy!

25 Brilliant Business and Portfolio WordPress Themes

Today we present to you some of the best Business & Portfolio themes that Themeforest has to offer. We know there are many other premium theme providers, but the prices on these bad boys are the best you can find! So if you’re in search for a new design or just starting your business, we can guarantee you will like at least one of these beautiful WordPress themes.

How to Float Through Print Designing Process Successfully

Print designing sounds like a modern terminology, but infact, the origin of this designing dates back to the time when printing press was first invented. Although, online mediums have relatively diminished the importance of printed material, however, this medium of communication has not lost its importance.

The Truth About “An app for everything”

If you search “app problems” online, you’ll get literally millions of hits. Add to that the number of people likely to have the same problems, and you’ll get some idea of the problem.

15 Best Ever PHP Frameworks

PHP is probably the most popular language in the world when it comes to flexibility and ease of use regarding building web apps and frameworks.

Design Videos for Education and Inspiration from September

We trust you are inspired by this large showcase of design videos on the web in September, they explore new materials, manufacturing and designers from history.

44 Best Tutorials For Photographers, Designers, and Artists

Showcase Of Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials Effects for Designers, Photographers, and Artists.

Graphic Designing on iPad – To be or Not to be

Apple and its products have borne a lot of fruits to IT and design industry alike. Today, it is because of Apple that we carrying the smartest computer technology in the form of iPad.

150 best jQuery effects for web designers and developers

On this roundup we will show you the most captivating and creative jQuery tools and effects to inspire you, from animations to slideshows, you will find plenty of effects on this article, hope you enjoy it.

55 Superb Examples of Light Art Performance Photography

Here we would like to introduce you with this cool type of photography and show you 55 superb examples of light art performance photography.

Removing the Years Makeover [Photoshop Tutorial]

Aging is a natural process of life. Unfortunately, it leaves marks like wrinkles and dark spots that betray our actual age. While these marks also signify maturity and the deep well of knowledge we’ve harvested all those years, we often want to do away with them. While Photoshop cannot restore youthful vigor, it does let you remain young-looking in photos.

30 Beautifully Designed Adds By Using Typography

Advertisements often feature excellent design. Sometimes it’s creative, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s just a well-designed piece that may spark some ideas of your own. Using typography in ads can be a very good idea if they are well used , here is a collection of 30 examples of ads using typography.

Rounded Corners Drop Shadows Opacity in CSS3

There are some very cool features that have come along with HTML5 and CSS3. Generally, alot are only able to be displayed in Firefox and Webkit-based browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Free HTML / XML Video Gallery AS3

Download Free XML / HTML / CSS driven Video Player Gallery for Flash CS3, Flash CS4 and above / ActionScript 3.0 ( AS3 ) version.

30 Workspaces of Designers from Dribbble

Dribble is packed with talented and skillful designers. If you didn’t know by now Dribbble is a show and tell community for designers, developers and other creatives. You can share sneak peeks of your work/projects. Theese sneak peeks are called “shots” — small screen shots are usually 400 x 300 pixels of the design you’re working on (just like the images below).

Create Futuristic Berserker Scene using 3D Techniques

Today we have one very complex and pretty hard tutorial. In this tutorial (I cant say Photoshop, because we will use not only this software) you will learn how to create futuristic Berserker scene.

The Leaves of Autumn: Glowing Portrait Photography

This photography showcase celebrates all that is autumn and also showcasing just how glowing portrait photography can be.

Maximizing Multiple Income Streams in the New Economy

This article discusses how a fundamental part of the new working economy, is to be able to work multiple contract jobs and generate multiple income streams.

15  Out of the Ordinary Bike Designs

If you are living in a big city you are probably annoyed by the terrible traffic. How about instead of driving your way to work, you choose the bike for a change. Check out this awesome collection of unusual bikes for some really fancy riding.

Typography: Collection of Inspirational Designs (Part2)

As you will see, many of these works of typography capture so much more than just the words on the page. In this post I have brought together a showcase of typographic artwork that I am confident you will appreciate.

Bing Plans To Add Link Reports To Webmaster Tools, While Google Increases Data To Query Reports!

There was an announcement made at SMX East by the Bing Webmaster Center team on 4th October about the new features that they are going to introduce for their Webmaster Tools.

Twitter’s Innovation Continues with the Launch of Promoted Accounts

Turning true the hearsay, Twitter has successfully introduced its latest innovative advertising option, to which it has given the name “Promoted Accounts.” If you are a Twitter fan, you can avail this new advantageous idea of Promoted Accounts, which will show up in the “Who to follow” section of a Twitter home page. What makes this innovation impressive is that it is fully algorithmic which decides when and which promoted accounts should be displayed. As has been announced by the company, the promoted accounts that should be suggested depends on your choice as to which advertising source and whom you have been following.

The Most Popular WordPress plug-ins

Open source, free to use, easy to understand, quick to install, are not only a few of the many reasons for the popularity of wordpress. Plug-ins play a very important role in making wordpress so useful and marketable.

I Want That Tee – From Concept To Production

Everyone wears a t-shirt at some part of there day and you can generally get an idea of what interests they have from what clothes they are wearing, especially tee’s. This collection I have selected are some of the tee’s I find very creative and can see myself wearing a few of them.

Typography: Collection of Inspirational Designs (Part1)

As you will see, many of these works of typography capture so much more than just the words on the page. In this post I have brought together a showcase of typographic artwork that I am confident you will appreciate.

30 Stunning Examples Of Fashion Designed Websites For You Inspiration

In this article we’ll take a look at the websites of leading fashion companies, as well as some fashion news sites, and see when fashion, style and web design come together.

How To Design A Website Layout In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to design a website layout in Photoshop.

Create Professional Blog Layout Design Using Photoshop

Learn how to design a Create Professional Blog Layout Design Using Photoshop, we using some modern techniques in this beautiful photoshop tutorial. we creating an professional design related blog website design, hope you all really like and give some positive feedback on it.

Fast Loading Website Will Get Better Ranking

Its official, Google site speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Fast loading website will be a factor in getting better rankings on search engines.

Exceptional & Inspiring Conceptual Digital Illustrations

I absolutely adore concept art, be it for a card game or graphic novel, it is truly inspirational how these digital artists come up with various concepts.

5 Astounding Workspaces of Successful Internet Companies

Today you will take a look at some of the best office’s in the industry. We have gathered office photographs from some of the most well know internet companies around. They are YouTube, Google, Threadless, SoundCloud, and Twitter. You will see how the employees of these companies get treated and what kinds of perks they get daily.

40 Impressive Ambigram Logos for Inspiration

Did you ever hear the word Ambigram?Well,simply,ambigram is typographical form that a word can be read the same as from another viewpoint.There are many types of Ambigram styles(rotational,chain,mirror-iame etc.)

How To Help Search Engines Find Your Content

The way you structure your content plays a part in how well your content gets crawled and indexed. If you want a search engine to list one of your pages in their results, the search engine first needs to find that page. It’s important that we make it easier for spiders to find all of the pages we want indexed.

270 Toolbar Icons for iPhone 4 Retina Display

These stunning icons work with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Each icon comes in PNG format and is sized perfectly for each device and also includes the new and hard to find 2x size for iPhone 4 Retina Display!??Try them out for FREE by downloading the 30 pack of icons.

40 Striking Showcase Of Textured Web Designed For Your Inspiration

Here’s an inspiring showcase of textured websites that you can take cues from. You’ll see metallic, grainy, grungy, and woody examples, to name only a few. Feast your eyes on this showcase, and if you know any other textured websites that are worthy of mention, share them with the rest of us in the comments!

The Best Product & Industrial Design Articles Roundup September

We all as industrial and product designers should be reading, it’s collated to showcase the best industrial design articles on the web in September.

60 Photoshop Tutorials to Perk Up Your Posters

Everyone at sometime is going to need a poster to promote an event. We want you to throw away those smelly over sized markers and poster board and sit down with these tutorials and create something that will knock the socks off the people that attend your next yard sale.

Inspired by Nature 20 Web Design Interface from Deviantart

get inspiration through several examples of web design interface that uses natural elements in design. I’m sure you guys will like it, I hope you can get inspiration through the following web design

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup: September 2010

September brought us lots of brand new and useful tutorials to learn from. I put up a collection of the most relevant Adobe Illustrator tutorials for you to enjoy and to apply in your future artworks. Here they are!

An Inspiring Collection of Expressive Photography

In this weeks showcase we will be delving into Expressive Photography and hope to bring more showcases like this on a weekly basis.

If is_page() With Regular PHP

One thing I receive questions about on a regular basis, is how to use is_page() in regular PHP. Well the downside is, you can’t. The upside is that you can still perform a similar check.

40 Dazzling Examples of Rain Photography

Nature just looks so nice during and after rain. So, photographer wants to shoot this best moment of nature in his frame. Here in this post, you will get some stunning photograph of during and after rain.

25 iPhone app website designs

iPhone apps are the talk of the town. Competition is building up between different organizations hot to make their iPhone application more noticeable and eye catching.

88 Amazing Apparel Online Stores

Designing websites for the fashion apparel industries is one of the most challenging assignments to handle. To streamline the online brand performance, apparel retailer should use highly impressive layouts to convey the style, feel, and value of the clothes being represented. Today we’ll try to analyze the main aspects of profitable fashion-forward eCommerce designs that apply a user-centric approach toward website strategy and development.

15 Free Flash XML Photo Gallery Tools

Today RGB Agent web design blog is sharing the list of 15 Free Flash Photo gallery tools that will help you arrange your photos and images into nice and beautiful online galleries. But what’s even more important, the tools presented here will allow you to easily manage your Flash photo gallery content via easy tools (such as XML files for example).

10 Great WYSIWYG HTML Editors

WYSIWYG editors are HTML editors that attempt to display the Web page as it will show on the browser.

Do Better Work and Faster by Using Minimalism

You can get more of your work done in less time if you use minimalism for your freelance, design, and any other work.

Inspirations – Unforeseen Creative Print Advertisements

The base, concept, idea, storyline and the design of these ads truly delivers the message and have the strength to create a buzz about their product/service. I believe that in order to have a good marketing campaigned of any product or service humour is the route to take, people always remember something which brought a smile to their face, Such ads are true material for viral marketing, and thus attract lots of attention.Hope you all like really and will share your comments or experience.

jquery thumbnail scroller

A cool jquery/css thumbnail scroller inspired by the ones made in Flash. It works on mouse over and it’s simple to configure and easy to style through css.

40 Striking Showcases Of CSS Flash Based Websites

In this showcase, I have collected “dark” designs from both ecommerce and non-ecommerce sites. While these sorts of designs won’t work for every ecommerce implementation, they offer interesting elements that can infuse your projects with new energy.

30 Inspirational Email Newsletter Designs

Email newsletters are becoming more and more popular on the internet as businesses begin to use them as a viral way of communicating with their audiences/customers. They are, without doubt, great marketing and communication tools. It allows your site visitors to be constantly kept ‘in the loop’ with what’s new and what’s to come in the future. The whole point of owning a website that operates as a business is to drive traffic to the website. Email Newsletters are a great tactic to achieve those repeat visits.

Time Management Tips for Freelance Designers

When it comes to freelancers, time management is of utmost importance. Unlike employed professionals, who have a regular job, freelancers have all day and all night to work – meaning plenty of lose time. Thus freelancers cannot afford to lose their track on time management. They have so many random projects and time management is very important for them in order to finish them all.

Photoshop Tutorials Roundup: September 2010

This month I found on the web some really awesome and new Photoshop tutorials. I put up a collection of tutorials about how to apply effects, mixed media, splatters, brushes, displacement effects and much more. Check them out!

55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

The time goes by very fast so the tehnology does.30 years ago new technologies were coming up one or two times a year but today when you wake up in the morning you hear something new which comes into existence.

The Ultimate Roundup Of Websites To Promote Your Tutorials To For Free

A roundup of websites that you can submit your tutorials to for free. Drive more traffic to your site/tutorials by posting to these websites.

Do You Know Why You Need Design?

The value of design is it improves everything else. Design makes your marketing better and even makes your product better.

Interview: Arfandi Hutasuhut (aka Fandy), A Web/Graphic Designer and owner of ArtFanDesign

One of my favorite thing about having a blog is getting to know all of these amazing people through our interview series here at Admix Web, where we are publishing interviews of fellow web designers, web developers and graphic designers.

How to Write a Killer Resume and Get an Awesome Job!

Resumes and I have a love/hate relations, I love to hate them. Well, I used to any way. In my younger days I didn’t put much effort into crafting a resume that would actually get me a job.

40  Most Demanding Downloadable Professional Icon’s Pack

If you are designing a set, the actual design becomes a lot harder, you have two challenges: each icon you design has to be individual and distinctive from the other, but at the same time they have to have similar features to show that they are related, making a complete set.

40 Fascinating Examples of Smoke Art Photo Manipulation

Smoke art is a set of techniques to create artworks transforming the smoke in different ways. If you’re good to manage Photoshop photo manipulation techniques, you can turn the smoke to unimaginable objects. For example, create smoke rose, smoke wolves and many others.

Inspirational & Creative Design Magazines

Be inspired by artwork from designers and illustrators from all over the world, learn a thing of two about WordPress. These magazines will make a good read.

Inspirational Mixed Media Artworks

In visual arts, mixed media refers to a creation in the making of which was employed more than one media. An example of mixed media can be a work on canvas which combines paint, collage and ink. Check out this collection of really creative mixed media artworks.

Personal Experiences in using CSS with Web Design

After a few years of Web Design I’ve come across a few amazing things which I didn’t realise. For some of you these will be obvious things but they’re things I’ve discovered along the way that have really helped me.

Free HTML Table Renderer AS3

The Free Table Renderer AS3 component provides an advanced XML/HTML table rendering engine for Flash, complete with CSS support and advanced features such as row and column spans.

Caricatures: Brilliant Examples Of Famous People

One of the great things about Montreal (the city I am from) is all the activities that go on here all year long. If you have ever visited Montreal in the summertime and have gone down by the river to the part of the city called Old Montreal you would have seen that there are lots of artists lined up in the streets waiting to do caricature illustrations of you. I myself got one done many years ago…very funny. In this post you will see some amazing caricatures of famous people such as Barack Obama and Clint Eastwood just to name a few.

20 beautiful green Webdesigns for your Inspiration

The Webdesignblog Weblovers presents twenty great webdesigns, that are using the color green for incredible design-creations.

How Social Media Has Impacted Me As a Designer, Blogger & Graduate

Social media has been a big factor in my life over the past 10 months; my first foray was really by chance. I’d heard of twitter and was used to the social networks of Facebook and Myspace.

Black and White – The Enduring Craze In Website Design

This is a style of layout that uses a basic two-tone scheme to give a more poignant, attractive look to a site. “Black and White” is always a enduring craze in website design. 15 Brilliant Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

30 Amazing Premium WordPress Themes

Hello everyone and welcome all at another great list of some of the best and perfectly coded Premium WordPress Themes. Thanks to WordPress, it seems like setting a website never been so easy.All we have to do is to click once and the website is there.Magic, isn`t it? WordPress Themes are evolving day after day not iarget=”_blank”>Couple Silhouette Clipart

2n the design area but also in programming.A theme is not a theme if doesn`t have a custom back-end admin panel to save you time and nerves when setting a website.

Create a Newspaper Blog Layout Tutorial Using Photoshop

In this tutorial We will show you how to design a newspaper blog layout tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. We are sharing some really useful techniques in this whole training, where you can learn how to create and which standard may we must follow for create Newspaper Blog website design, during this tutorial you will also know how to create shapes with specific sizes. we really like to share all these necessary tool tips with you and you may download free source file too of this final result and can use in your personal and commercial use.

New Twitter design guidelines and free PSD layouts for standard resolutions

A quick review around the new Twitter features and also offer you a great pack of background layouts to help you adjust your own background into Twitter’s new design.

100  Fantastic Logo Designs

Itigns will get your creative juices flowing. So with no further ado here is your latest dosage of beautifully’s been one month since my last post on logo design titled: Logo Design: 80 Beautiful Creations. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new logo des designed logos. Enjoy!

45  Beautiful Hot Babes In CG Artwork

In this huge article, I have gathered some of the most strikingly realistic CG portraits of women which will blow you away. Enjoy the awesome journey.

Huge Collection of Mini Icon Sets:5000  Free Icons in 30 Sets

Icon is a must for websites and of course for web developers.You can find thousands of free icons over the internet but today i want to share mini icon sets which are all free.Mini icon sets can be used in many different ways like computers,applications and similar gadgets like iPad and iPhone.

Create a Death Angel Concept Design in Photoshop

Today we will create a death angel concept in Photoshop. Along with this, you will learn basic shading, lighting and making basic photo manipulations.

30 New Amazing Photography Examples

Photographs are the best thing to remember memories. Photography is also a good way of capturing beauty all around us.

Style-my-tooltips jQuery plugin

A simple jQuery plugin to better style native browser tooltips.
Small in size (3kb) script to enhance the look of tooltips. It works just like browser’s native tooltips with few options and styling via CSS. By default, the script applies to any element with a “title” attribute like links, paragraphs, images etc. but you can easily set it to affect only specific classes.

40 Stunning Scenery iPhone Wallpapers

Some of us want to spice it up a little and have something extra in our iPhone/iPods. Today we have rounded up an amazing collection scenery based iPhone wallpapers. They are all 320 x 480, so you can go ahead right click and save them.

Interview & Feature: Tim Fox of Soge Shirts

Today we are shining the spotlight on Tim Fox of Soge Shirts, Tim is one half of the partnership who run the tshirt brand and shop Soge Shirts. He is also a part of the Teesinapod podcast we like to champion and support here at Nenuno (& Design Juices.)

How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create nice unique photo effect from sketch and your photo.

Stylish text effect tutorial using Illustrator

On this tutorial you’re about to learn how to create a beautiful text effect with a subtle vintage look that’s going to be applied to an specific typeface, just to help you get an idea, we will try to generate an old school text that can be implemented on modern web designs.

35 Handy Photoshop Tutorials To Design Icon’s

If you are a website designer (or in any other domain) and you are not that good in Adobe Illustrator to design logos/icons, don’t worry! It’s not hard as soon as you get to know how this program works and understand very well what logo means but this is only achievable by practice.

How Much Harder Could Smart Phones Work For Designers?

So shouldn’t we all be super productive mobile artists now, right? Well in some cases maybe, and for some artists smart phones do enough to fill the void outside of the studio.

30  Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful Nature Shots

Like most designers, I am constantly looking at the nature around me, and I am constantly in awe at its stunning beauty. One of the places I go to get inspiration is in nature, because of its amazing color spectrum, textures, and depth.

August’s Best Resources for CSS3

Here are the best CSS3 coding techniques and tutorials of August 2010, 36 fresh resources to help keeping up with new technologies.

GRASS RESOURCES: Grass Textures, Tutorials, Icons, Brushes, Patterns, Wallpapers

Today’s round up is all about GRASS: grass textures, tutorials, icons, brushes, patterns, wallpapers, and inspiration… ENJOY! :-)

4 More Principles Of Information Architecture

Information architecture is the root of web design. Without content you can’t truly design a website.

60 Awesome Tutorials, Tricks, and Tools that will Make You a CSS Master

If you follow web design/development at all you will know that CSS3 (and HTML5) are talked about more than healthcare reform in Washington DC. Some of the things you can do with CSS3 are amazing.

CSS3 Tutorial: How To Change Default Text Selection Colour

Whilst this CSS3 declaration might not be crucial to your project or design, but it is a fantastic effect that really takes your design one step further.

40 Striking Web Illustrations For Your Inspiration

As illustration is somewhere in between those options and is something that can be used to give your website a very unique touch, we decided to gather 40 excellent examples of illustration in web design. There should be plenty here to inspire you.

60 Imaginative Hand Drawn Fonts

Although we couldn’t use hand drawn fonts in long text because it might be difficult to read for the readers but still we couldn’t neglect the importance of it, hand drawn fonts can be useful in headers, short notes, logo designs and for different typographic shapes as well, enjoy the list below for free which contains 60 most creative handwritten fonts.

30 Fancy Website Footers

There is an opinion that footer is a perfect place for all “interesting” information about copyright etc. Maybe it is right but there are tons of reasons for making your footer visually appealing, informative and stylish. We are glad to show you a small collection of various footer designs that will make you say “Wow!” and realize that your current website’s footer maybe sucks (no offense folks).

35  Creative and Funny Salt and Pepper Shakers

There is no reason why small things from our home can’t be practical and in the same time very creative or funny. This is the case of the salt and pepper shaker designs below. Check them out!

40 Creative and Unique Single Page Website Design

Some really-creative and unique inspirational single page web designs to inspire your design sense.

40 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

In the art of designing, knowledge on photo manipulation and its corresponding technique is a major edge among other designers… Why? Because it gives you the advantage of creating world-class designs from a simple photo or image. By the simple act of manipulating an image, numerous possibilities such as styles, images and designs are opened for you to explore and influence. In continuation of collecting amazing photo manipulation tutorials, here’s another list of fresh tutorials to enhance your knowledge on image manipulation.

Basic Tips About SEO and Website Usability

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is very important in today’s online world. Basically, it is the way how your website is picked up and categorized by the search engines.
How does this work?When it comes to SEO, keywords are your best friend.

50 Creative 404 Error Pages

There are many reasons why your websites needs a 404 error page. You might have moved some pages, or changed your URL structure, and now any links going to those pages no longer work. Web servers provide your website with a default 404 error page, but this is usually a very simple, boring page which usually results in visitors leaving your website.

70 Logo Designers To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is growing daily. Personally I use twitter for promotion and networking with the people in my industry. As I gain and lose followers it becomes harder to figure out who is who. I’ve compiled a list of the logo designers that you should probably be following if you currently don’t. To make things easier for you just click on the picture and the designers twitter page will open, in which you can follow that specific person. Now for all you lazy people like me, all you have to do i just follow the list of logo designers We have created.


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    Wow, what a great collection of links. I have already found something very useful which is the jQuery slider for photographs. Thanks for that, I’ll be bookmarking this and coming back to use it. I need to improve my Photoshop work so the tutorials are great.

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    Great resources you gathered here…I like photoshop and CSS3 tutorials.Hope to see more lists like this in the future :)
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