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99 Fresh Web Design News From Blogfreakz Readers

Every day blogfreakz received dozens of design news that is submited by blogfreakz readers. Most of the submited news is fresh, useful and  high quality. Tutorials, freebies, resources and give away that is submited to blogfreakz, make the world of design and development more exciting and attractive. If You Want your article to be included in the future then you simply need to submit it here.

10 Great PSD to HTML Tutorials to Make Your Awesome Design a Reality

We have made a post or two about great how to create nice looking sites in Photoshop but these don’t do you much good unless you actually convert them to HTML/CSS.

Akutou – Illustrator, Tee Designer & Vector Artist

I am watching hundreds of artists and illustrators over at deviantART, but one of my favourites has to be Akutou! A french illustrator and vector artist whose style is incredibly influential.

45 Beautifully Taken Macro Photography

Put simply, macro is close-up photography. Although technically speaking the term should only be applied to photos which have a 1:1 or closer magnification. In other words, it is the photography of subjects that are captured life-size or larger.

Dons and Don’ts of Logo Communication

Visual communication plays an important role in branding and brand communication. The most effective element of your brand’s visual communication is the logo. Your company’s logo alongwith other visual elements (brochure, flyer, business card, branding image, letterhead, web site and collateral materials) is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your current customers as well as potential customers. This is the age of data and information where every individual is bombarded with different types of content. In such circumstances, your logo is essential to linking your message to your brand. Your logo puts a face to the overall communication of your business. So basically the main objective of a logo is to identify as well as communicate visually. Adds a new and Exciting Feature! But why pay for it?

If you are a user, I am sure, you must have always been enjoying blogging on the hosted blogging service. But what if you get the opportunity to interact or share your blogs through an SMS?

Who Knows Better? You Or Your Customers

Common advice when starting a business is to research your market, determine what customers want, and then give it to them. Is this really the best advice? Might you be better off following your own instincts instead? Should you listen to the market or listen to yourself? Who really knows better what your customers want? You or them?

Free Vector Floral

Seven elegant free floral vectors. Free for commercial.

18 Wonderful Premium Icon Sets

Now we all know that designing icons can take a great amount of time. If you need an icon set for your project, website, or application we got you covered. Why waste your time and make icons that have already been made? Sound pretty convincing. We have gathered the best sets of icons from Graphicriver, and neatly compiled this article.

Must read interview with indie iOS developer Rainbow Silo

Rainbow Silo was started by a single, independent developer with the goal of creating cool applications and games for iOS. Rainbow Silow apps include Almost DSLR, iPrivacy Manager, and iPocketMemory.

BEAUTIFUL BANKNOTES: Examples, Art, Concepts, and Tutorials

The following article contains the beauty of banknotes from around the world, as well as art, concepts, business cards and tutorials.. ENJOY 😀

15 Outstanding Sites to Find Awesome Fonts

If you are a web designer chances are you are in love with fonts, one could even call the love you have for them an addiction. While it is true that many of you may need a font intervention we can guarantee you won’t get that here. See, we are what therapists might call an “enabler”. With that said, we present to you the best sites on the Web to check out and download fonts…enjoy!

Small studios, BIG projects

With the advent of better networking systems and modern communication, it is becoming more common place, not to mention affordable, for several small studios to pool their resources and create feature length films.

Be Inspired by Typefaces, Text Art and Typography

We have all be inspired by the text art we see in advertisements; here we showcase posters, artworks and general wild creativity with text art and typography.

How to Create a Spectacular Vector Film Strip in Illustrator

Today we will create a vector film strip from scratch, using only our keen sense of perspective, imagination and taste for colors.

Stunningly Created Hand Drawn Websites

When a new website is to be designed, designers often try to use the latest technology to create something spectacular. But sometimes its nice to go back to basics and this is exactly what these designers have done.

Pixmac stock photo accounts giveaway for three lucky people worth $199 each

Today we are giving away three subscription packs for photos from Pixmac, each one worth $199. The subscription can be used to purchase any image from Pixmac Subscription collection.

9 Things to Do, For a Successful Site Launch

Launching a new site can be really intense. Preparing your team for the launch and ensuring that you’ve got all angles covered are both tiring and exhilarating.

Christmas Snowflakes

New Christmas collection contain 50 unique snowflakes. Use it to create your own Christmas vector art. You can use it free for commercial using.

How To Make An Elegant Website In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will teach you how to design an elegant website in Photoshop.

30 Amazing Example of Realistic 3D Artworks

3d tool is one of the best ways to create truly unbelievable and realistic artworks. Today in this post I have gathered 30 really amazing and fantastic 3D arts.

Tips to Code Better CSS in your Projects

CSS is not very hard to use or learn, though it may be hard to master. Moreover, if you use CSS for your projects, especially when they are large projects, it can be very hard if you do not follow certain tips to help you manage the CSS code better.

Amazing Web Connectivity And Internet Images Get Yourself In Flow

We always love to share inspirational and useful stuff, today we compiled some wonderful web connectivity and internet images, these images usually used for web designs (websites, widgets, headers, icons, banners), advertisements (flyers, brochures, posters), PowerPoint presentations, book covers and pages, CD covers and also used for digital/electronic templates, e-cards, screensavers. All is required to a graphic or web designer is just an inspiration so get inspired and make your own magical piece like we represent the work done by the artistic artists around the world.

The Ultimate Collection of 100 Free CSS/HTML Templates

We have covered several tutorials for designing and coding your own website. I didn’t want to leave those out who have no desire to do such things so I thought I would provide a roundup of the nicest CSS/HTML templates I could find. These awesome website themes do not require any designing or coding, simply enter your own website content and just like that you have a great website.

40 Stunning Abstract Artwork

Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.[1] Western art had been, from the Renaissance up to the middle of the 19th century, underpinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce an illusion of visible reality

Festive Halloween Wallpapers to Ghost Your Screen

Here we showcase some fantastic Halloween wallpapers to adorn on your desktop on this festive part of October, They include all sorts of zombies, ghouls and much more ghostly characters.

Photographers rights: When, where and what can I shoot?

This guide is meant to give you some clarity over what you can and can’t do with your camera.

Free Wings Silhouettes

Vector set contain 50 free silhouettes of wings.FREE for commercial use.

Design Cocktail 2: The Creative Bundle & 5 Prize Giveaway

Today we announce the release of the second Design Cocktail bundle, with more quality resources for creative people than before and is worth $829.

30 Gorgeous Pencil Sketches By Jenny Mortsell

Jenny Mörtsell grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and as a kid filled drawing pad after drawing pad with mostly horses, boys and shoes. Following high school she studied printmaking art, then graphic design and illustration taking a Masters degree in fine arts from Konstfack University in 2004. Since then Jenny has been balancing a busy roster of U.S. and European clients who have come to adore the style of her signature pencil drawings.

How to make an iPhone App Part 4 Navigation Controller

Now that we know how to create a table views, we are going to use that knowledge to create a new project using a navigation controller to see a more detailed view of the tittle in the cell of the table view.

Purple Webdesigns – a little Showcase

The Webdesign-Blog Weblovers presentes 15 awsome Webdesigns which uses the color purple in a very effective way.
How to Simplify WordPress Custom Fields Layout for a Layman?

We are already aware of the incredible power and flexibility of WordPress, which is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among its users. And, if we look at the reasons for its flexibility, the first thing that comes to our mind is Custom Field.

Unforgettable Funny Photo Collection – Illusions

We sharing something very special for your tired mood, these of all funny photos have worth and many silent words, sometime we catch awesome moments which call Illusions as you can see in this stunning collection. These of all moments based on distance overlapping, positioning and right timings are create a amazing perspective of photography. We must appreciate all of those really professional photographers who catch these moments for laugh on our face, hope you all really like these of all stuff and we also appreciate if someone share your own photo for next version.

Free Grunge Clip Art

Free grunge vector set to make your unique, creative images.

Incredibly Detailed Digital Technical Illustrations

Be sure to take your time viewing this incredibly fantastic collection, even I missed an important element from qing by Hanjianhao.

Typoart – a little Showcase

The Designblog Weblovers shows some incredible Typo-Arts, which expand your mind of Typo-usage.

The 20 Most Popular Design Tools and their Users

Ever wondered which are the most popular design tools and their number of users? We did too!
So we partnered with Mostash to create an exclusive infographic.

22 Most Useful Social Bookmarking Plugins for WordPress

It is always a wise way to provide a list of all the most used social bookmarking sites right into your article. To enable this there are a lot of wordpress social bookmarking plugins that are available all around the web. We have tried to collect some of the best Social Boookmarking plugins for wordpress which could be useful for you.

Inspiring Fonts typography Designs: 30  Fonts Typography Designs

Fonts Typography Designs has always been a fundamental aspect of inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design, but type is being pushed to the limits by being used in cool new ways such as Fonts typography. Designers have been dabbling in fonts typography effects for a while, so here are some new type projects you may not have seen yet form the online design community.

How to Meet the Deadlines Effectively

Are you among those people who are of the point of view that deadlines are made to kill your creativity? If yes, then you can’t be more wrong. The deadlines will help you in focusing towards your work and especially if you are working as a freelance graphic designer, setting specific deadlines is inevitable. You need to have strict deadlines for every single project and need to match them as well. You will find hundreds of people who might react very casually when you tell them that you work as a freelance graphic designer because they think that freelancers have nothing to do and don’t have a regular routine. It might be the case with your client as well and there are chances that you will be taken for granted. So, the first thing that needs to be taken care of as a freelancer is your reputation which depends a lot on your punctuality of meeting deadlines. Juggling the client demands such as creating brochures layouts, and ordering printing can be tough, but if you stay organized you will meet all the deadlines.

Roundup of apps that will make you wish you had a nightstand

Desktop alarm clocks don’t have many features, take up a lot of space, can take some time to set, and are especially annoying in the morning. For these reasons it is a great idea to invest in a nightstand app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Touch, so here a couple have been reviewed for you.

Pokefreak, An Extremely Talented Digital Artist

This is the first time we have really focused on showcasing Japanese Animation, being a huge admirer myself I thought it was time to showcase the art I adore the most.

Give Your Photos a Dimensional Makeover in Photoshop

Editing the dimensions of an image is quite simple and easy in Photoshop. The program has many tools and features that can easily change and adjust images sizes, resolutions and crop and many more.

Digital Art Inspiration Through Text Art & Typography

This roundup showcases amazing digital artwork and skills of graphic artists, producing amazing typography posters and amazing text art creations.

How to Design A Health/Nutrition Website in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a professional design for a health/nutrition website.

40  Most Superb GIF And Banner Animation Tutorials

Photoshop is very important tool for graphic and web designers. It can be used for web designing and different kind of graphics even you can create gif animations in photoshop as well. Today I’ve bring together an amazing list of photoshop GIF animation tutorials. In this post you’ll also find some great examples to create animated banners in photoshop, hope it’ll be useful to learn and create GIF animations. Keep using keep learning…

Logo Design Inspiration: 100 Hot New Fresh Designs

It’s been one month since my last post on logo design titled: 100 Fantastic Logo Designs. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new logo designs will get your creative juices flowing. So with no further ado here is your latest dosage of beautifully designed logos. Enjoy!

Download Free 3 Column WordPress Themes: 30  WordPress Themes

There are 30 Best Free 3 Column WordPress Themes in this post. After scrolling through hundreds of themes across the Web, these themes have been manually selected since they are apart in terms of professional look and easy customization. They all can be downloaded and customizable and used for free.

15 Best Free Hotel Templates

Today we want to show you ultimate collection of best free hotel templates. In this collection you will find free css and free flash templates which are similar by quality or even better for some paid templates.

The Most Popular Design Blogs by Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

Today we release a new infographic, this time based on our own research. There are a ton of roundups & lists with popular design & development blogs. So we made a different classification of these blogs – by social media popularity.

Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make any Money

Blogging doesn’t guarantee everybody that they will make money. You might read a lot of success stories bout them through the internet but let this article show you the real deal.#mce_temp_url#50 Colorful Web Designs For Your Inspiration

I looked at over 1000 really colorful web designs today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 50 Colorful Web Designs For Your Inspiration from around the web. So we can enjoy with Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the best sites will be on display. I will put together a list of 50 Colorful Web Designs For Your Inspiration and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites.

75 Breathtaking Free iPad Wallpapers Let Your Desktop Come Alive

iPad is another remarkable gadget from the home of Apple released in April 2010. iPad allows you to browse internet, watch movies, music you love, media utilization, gaming, light content creations, reading your favorite books and much more on your finger tips. I’m sure you are looking for some lovely wallpaper for your Apple iPad. This post contains a great list of ipad wallpapers so the people who searching customize wallpapers for their ipad they can find here in different categories such as grunge, nature, abstract, illustrator, architecture, digital art, technologies etc. As you know all these ipad wallpapers are 100% free so you may also feel free to download as per your desire, Enjoy!

Stunning & Creative Conceptual Industrial Design’s By Nuno Teixeira

Nuno Teixeira is known as a conceptual industrial designer in 2007 he got award due to his awesome DRIVE SAFE Michelin Outstanding Design today we are giving you a chance to review his conceptual designing.

The Power of Stock Vectors Revealed

Stock vectors are a really fast and easy way to create designs of both high resolution and quality. In this article I will take a vector from and try to show you a few ways you can use them effectively in your work.

Elements and Principles for Creating Minimalist Web Design

Creating a minimalist Web Designs has its pros and cons in terms of effectively attracting customers. Learn the principles and elementas of minimalist web design and see some example of these web designs.

Do You Know How You Limit Your Success

When our businesses become stuck the reasons are often our own self imposed limitations. We limit ourselves and our businesses through fear and self doubt and through personal biases we can’t logically explain. By consciously realizing our limitations we can overcome them and take our businesses to new heights of success.

We go nuclear with the update Atomic Web Browser

Safari is great for using the web every so often and reading a few things here and there, but unfortunately it is lacking tons of features. Luckily, RichTech was kind enough to create the Atomic Web Browser, which is a fantastic Safari replacement

Digital Art Inspiration – Spooky Halloween Flyers

Here we showcase the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween with over twenty spooky and inspiring flyer designs all related to “All-Hallows-Even.”

35 Stunningly Captured Daylight Photography

daylight photography is specially takes in morning time or when sun is not down so thats why its called daylight photography here we have some stunning examples of daylight photography plz let us know is our effort is good or not,

35 Electrifying and beautiful Examples of Lightning Photography

View 35 electrifying and beautiful examples of lightning photogprahy, the best and exquisite beauty of the most destructive forces when produced in photography. Something very rare and not so easy to catch.

50 Beautiful And Amazing Free Joomla Templates

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Everyone has heard of Adobe Photoshop. It is one of the most popular and expensive image editing programs you can buy. For those of you who do not have the hundreds of dollars to plop down on software I have compiled a list of nice photo editing applications you can use instead.

Pimp your Portfolio with jHover

jHover will take inside the container, 1 image (a background-image) and a menulist and combines this together into 1 big thumbnail. When hovering the image, the menulist will slide in, right next to the image.

Interview: Web and Graphic Designer Sarah Camp

We are privileged today to bring you another great designer, who is apart of the great design group ‘Motley Design Crue,’ Sarah Camp.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 6: Saving Data

It might not look like so, but your iPhone does have a file system, the thing is that is not the kind of file system that we are used to. To save your data you will only have a directory and you won’t be able to choose it.

50 brilliant photo editing tutorials, from Austin classic to Formula 1

On this showcase we will take a ride across some of the essential tutorials that you’ll need to dominate in order to become a master on the art of photo retouching, the roundup will include some great retouching tutorials and even some awesome photomontages that probably you have always wanted to learn how to do.

60  Typographic Wallpapers Make Your Desktop More Cheerful

Well it was a brief introduction of typography but today we have compiled 60 most beautiful and artistic typographic wallpapers for you to make your desktop more cheerful.

You may also find some wonderful ideas and boost up your designing skills…

Beginner’s Guide for Newcomers in Freelance Designing

Are you really good at graphic designing? Are you one of those people who hate sitting in an office for 8-9 hours? Do you want to establish yourself as an independent design business owner? If yes, then you should be seriously thinking about becoming a freelance graphic designer. Working as a freelance graphic designer can actually be very rewarding and convenient at times. Just imagine not having a nagging boss breathing under your neck and the best thing is that you don’t have to go to office and be nice to hundreds of people that you don’t really like. Sounds interesting and exciting right? It becomes more exciting when you get to know that you can earn as much as you want to (provide the fact you have enough potential).

25  Stunning E-Commerce Websites For Your Inspiration

The term electronic commerce (commonly known as e-shopping, E-commerce) meant the process of execution of commercial transactions electronically with the help of the leading technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) which gave an opportunity for users to exchange business information and do electronic transactions.

Interview with Graphic Designer Robert Fori

This week we interviewed the talented illustrator/graphic designer Robert Fori from Romania. Robert is creating wonderful artworks full of imagination and colors for 6 years now. His designs cover illustrations, apparel design, print, logo and experimental typography.

57 Stunning collection of Bokeh Photography and Pictures

Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlights, such as specular reflections and light sources, which is why it is often associated with such areas. However, bokeh is not limited to highlights, as blur occurs in all out-of-focus regions of the image. For your inspiration, we’ve rounded up 57 Stunning collection of Bokeh Photography and Pictures.

Showcase of Amazing Typography

Types can be really creative especially when the imagination of the artists has no limit. Some designers have created amazing typography with elements you can’t even think of.

This kind of creative and unique typography can make your design, poster, CD cover or book cover stand out.

11 Awesome Dice Photoshop Patterns

Today we have a fresh set of patterns that designed by JenniStock. JenniStock did an amazing work, and thanks to her, we got 11 free Photoshop background patterns that you can use in your designs.

These are some nice patterns in two different sets, and each set includes colorful dice patterns for your designs.

How To Attract Attention To Your Ideas

The first step in communicating your idea is attracting attention to it. Someone has to notice your message before anything else. Your idea also needs to hold attention.

It needs to maintain the interest of your audience if you want your message to stick with them.

24  Inspirational Wood Business Card Designs

Looking for unique wood business cards? For your inspiration, here are 24 impressive wooden business cards from around the world. Here are our picks for “the best of the best” wooden business cards.

Quality Assurance Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles on projects, some people may play more than one role. Here is a breakdown of quality assurance roles and responsibilities.

150  Articles: October’s Review of Design Across The Web

Here is the most inspiring and informative content on all things design and creativity from across the web from October.

300 Social Media Icons for your Design

Weblovers presents 300 really great social media icons, which can be used in your Webdesign to integrate Social-Networks like Twitter or Facebook to your Design.

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup: October 2010

This month brought us new and great Adobe Illustrator tutorials to learn from. I put up a collection of the most relevant tutorials for you to enjoy and to use in your future design projects. Check them out!

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup: October 2010

This month brought us new and great Adobe Illustrator tutorials to learn from. I put up a collection of the most relevant tutorials for you to enjoy and to use in your future design projects. Check them out!

40  Amazing Underwater Sculptures By Jason Decaires Taylor

Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures create a unique, absorbing and expansive visual seascape. Highlighting natural ecological processes Taylor’s interventions explore the intricate relationships that exist between art and environment. His works become artificial reefs, attracting marine life, while offering the viewer privileged temporal encounters, as the shifting sand of the ocean floor, and the works change from moment to moment.

SEO-Semantic-XHTML – Believes in Continuous Improvement and Innovation!

SEO-Semantic-XHTML is one such company which has carved a niche for itself in the industry and is considered one among the major service providers.

Website Design: Personal Portfolios and Design Studios

One thing I try to do every month is present a great compilation of websites. In this article I am going to focus on personal portfolios and design studio websites. I have scoured the internet for some of the best designed websites out there. What’s interesting about this post is that it is a sort of two for one deal. First you will get to see these amazing website designs that pertain to design studios and secondly if you dig deeper you will be able to witness their great works ranging from website design to identity and branding all the way to motion graphics. There is definitely no shortage of amazing works on these websites.

So if you are in need of some inspiration this post is not to be missed. Enjoy!

Absolutely Stunning Vector Inspiration

This showcase is of a great selection of our favourite fresh and inspirational vector art.

Enjoy the best of both – Skype and Facebook!! The New Skype 5.0 Released

Skype releases its improved version Skype 5.0 for windows, a new version, promising to prove beneficial than ever before, comes up with some additional features for its users.

How To Design A Sticky Site

As a visual designers your goal is to communicate ideas and messages to an audience. You want your ideas to be understood, remembered, and shared. You want your ideas and design to stick in the minds of others.


The following are 26 beautiful sets of social media paper icons ready for downloading… ENJOY 😀


Heres a collection of the best recent logo designs. This roundup includes a variety of modern and retro styled logos. With high detail and quality, these designs really set the standards for future projects.

We hope you enjoy this roundup and don’t forget to comment below!

The Video Showcase in Design from October

We trust you are inspired by this large roundup and showcase of the best videos in design from October with designer interviews and much more.

A Dazzling Portfolio and All about It

The field of graphic designing is incomplete without a portfolio. As a graphic designer a portfolio is the most essential element of his professional life. A graphic design portfolio is basically a well-organized presentation of combination of artwork which encompasses all your best work in terms of graphics and designing. The portfolio of a graphic designer helps him/her present his talents in the best and most comprehensive way. So either you are a salaried designer seeking a job or a freelance graphic business owner looking for clients for your business, your portfolio can be your best and foremost call-to-action.

6 Cutting Edge 3D Printers

While the technology continues to evolve and the 3D printer market isn’t yet crowded, we thought you might like a peek at 6 cutting edge 3D printers that are shaping the industry.

65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own

In the last few years cartoon characters and mascots became very popular and you can see them everywhere.Creating these kind of characters is not hard but of course it not easy.

As being a beginner in illustration i learnt a lot from the below tutorials.

Create a Clean Web Element for your Webdesign

While designing a web layout, it should be noted that the design should contain some smart user interface elements for better interactivity.

If the web elements are looking good, then normally the site will pop up. Learn how to design a smart, clean, professional, web 2.0 style web login form for your web design needs.

50 Free Premium WordPress Themes Released in 2010

Today I’d like to introduce you to 50 Free premium high quality wordpress themes released in 2010 or to be accurate in late 2010, all are wordpress 3.0 Compatible.

40  Beautiful & Creative T Shirts Designs

Today here we have some awesome collection of Ladies & Man T-shirts these shirts can wear both males and females. i hope this will inspire you alot and u can purchase shirts according to these designs.

Priorities and Goals When Starting a T-shirt Business

If you are about to start your own t-shirt business, establishing your priorities and goals has to be your first step, because it will guide your business in a certain direction and it is important that you do NOT abandon these guidelines.

Review: Icons-Land, The Land Of Icons

Icons have been formerly known as the religious work of art. It is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it either concretely or by analogy.

In modern culture, icons are used as a sense of symbol — a name, face, picture, edifice. Today, icons are used by the web designers for showcasing their creativity.

217 Fresh Premium and Free Incredible Vector Illustrations from

The last few weeks have been a really busy period for our artists. They have been working on a new and fabulous collection of 217 high-quality vectors for you to add to your library.

How To Create An Admin Skin In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own admin skin in Photoshop

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