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65 Fresh Web Design News To Boost Your Productivity

In this compilation you will find 65 fresh Web Design news to keep yourself up to date on the web design world. As usual, all articles has submited by blogfreakz readers. If You Want your article to be included in the future then you simply need to submit it here. Hope you can find inspiration, useful information and something new here.

How To Create An Admin Skin In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own admin skin in Photoshop.

Create a Clean Web Element for your Webdesign

While designing a web layout, it should be noted that the design should contain some smart user interface elements for better interactivity. If the web elements are looking good, then normally the site will pop up. Learn how to design a smart, clean, professional, web 2.0 style web login form for your web design needs.

50 Free Premium WordPress Themes Released in 2010

Today I’d like to introduce you to 50 Free premium high quality wordpress themes released in 2010 or to be accurate in late 2010, all are wordpress 3.0 Compatible.

Are Your Designs Pixel Perfect? – My Design Process

One question designers face is how much time should be spent on wireframes, mockups, and design comps. Should you strive for pixel perfection or should you work through them quickly to get to development sooner? Here are three possible approaches as well as my own design process.

Stunningly Created Photographers & Portfolio’s Websites

Photographers, like designers, have a need to display an attractive portfolio for their websites visitors, and many photographers have excellent portfolio sites. Being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. A good photo comprise of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. I have always found that photography websites have been of a different breed of web design. With their use of Flash technology, unique navigational menus, and clean minimalistic design, these website let the photographer’s pictures do the talking.

Vector tutorial: Character superheroes illustration set

Today we are about to take a lesson like the ones you took when you were at design school, you’re going to learn how to create the basic character design for an illustration.

65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own

In the last few years cartoon characters and mascots became very popular and you can see them everywhere.Creating these kind of characters is not hard but of course it not easy.As being a beginner in illustration i learnt a lot from the below tutorials.

40  Beautiful & Creative T Shirts Designs

Today here we have some awesome collection of Ladies & Man T-shirts these shirts can wear both males and females. i hope this will inspire you alot and u can purchase shirts according to these designs.

Priorities and Goals When Starting a T-shirt Business

If you are about to start your own t-shirt business, establishing your priorities and goals has to be your first step, because it will guide your business in a certain direction and it is important that you do NOT abandon these guidelines.

Branding & Interactive Media In Video Games: X-Men Franchise

This article will focus on the history of the Marvel X-Men Franchise, and how the video games produced either helped or hurt the brand.

40 Very Creative Wedding Invitation Examples to Get Inspired for Couples

We have many special days in our life and wedding day is one the most exciting days of course.Every couple wants to do something extraordinary to make that day memorable.One part of this event and maybe the most attractive part is the wedding invitation.

The Stages of Life Presented in 50 Emotional Photographs

This showcase presents some of the most important moments in one’s life, captured by professional photographers and meant to awaken emotions to the fullest!

The New “Foodpress” Innovation!!All Thanks To And the Food Bloggers!!

So, guys!!Heard about the new step taken up by It’s about the new introduction -“Foodpress”.

Photoshop Tutorial: Quick Techniques to Create a Panorama in CS5

In this video tutorial we will learn about panoramas and the very basics in levels adjustments to make our images pop in ways they maybe never have!

27 Stunning Free PSDs from

Here we are, our eighteenth web interface showcase (if you don’t count the special round ups!) Showcasing the latest design trends within the community.

Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces #18

Here we are, our eighteenth web interface showcase (if you don’t count the special round ups!) Showcasing the latest design trends within the community.

Formal Degree vs. Self-Taught: Pros and Cons

Did you gain your knowledge in the field of Web Design and Development through a formal degree program or are you self-taught? Which worked best for you? In this post, I will discuss my opinion on each, but I want to hear your opinions as well.

Building Your Own WordPress Gallery – Part 1: Image Rollover

Today we are happy to announce that we will be starting a long series of tutorials to show you how to build your own WordPress gallery without the need to purchase a plugin or script.

THANKSGIVING FEAST: Brushes, Icons, Fonts, Vectors, Wallpapers and More

The following is a feast of Thanksgiving goodies! It includes Vectors, Brushes, Logos, Icons, Fonts and More, and is the first of a three part series. Enjoy! 😀

How To Keep Work-Life Balance As A Freelance Designer

No matter what your profession is, keeping a balance between your professional and personal life is very important. For employers work will always be more important than his employees. In order to succeed, yes, it is true that one needs to work really hard but then again maintaining a balance is way too important. Working all day long will only result into exhaustion. Also, not working at all will result into a job loss due to which you won’t have to maintain a balance. Out of both, I am sure you do not want to end up in any of the situations so ensuring that you try to keep a work life balance as a designer is very important.

Interview with app developers Ben and Doug of Amazing Books

Today we are interviewing Ben and Doug of Amazing Books. They recently released their first two books Jack and the Beanstalk and Three Little Pigs, which were featured on the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes store. Enjoy the interview.

Creating Mirror Reflections in Photoshop

The first part is going to learn the basics of creating a simple reflection of text or image object. Now in your work space, you got to have already an object that you need to create a reflection with.

T-Shirt Template Download

T-Shirt Template with wrinkles (PSD for designers). Just paste your design in the appropriate layer, select shirt color (most American Apparel colors are there), merge, and you’re good to go. Great for submitting designs to sites like Threadless or Goodjoe. I also use it for mock-ups of promotional shirts for clients. Enjoy!

How To Create A Professional Lawyer Website In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will guide you step by step in the process of creating a professional lawyer website.

Print That Tee, Kick Ass T-Shirt Designs

Focusing on illustrations, typography and vector art, this showcase displays some kick ass t-shirt designs and I would love to own all of them!

50 Amazing Examples of Dew And Water Drops Photography

Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening. As the exposed surface cools by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than that at which it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of water droplets.

How to Create a Spectacular Nature Composition in Photoshop

Today we will create an abstract composition by combining stock vectors, photos and brushes. Difficulty: Beginner; Completion time: 40 min; Tools: Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3 (Optional).

Important Procedures For Choosing a Web Design And Development Team

Web design and development are key components of a modern organisation’s existence. The corporate website is, at once, a microcosm of the company’s sales literature, public relations profile, employee newsletter and advertising, all easily accessible in one very visible and public place.

160 excellent free high quality wallpapers for IPAD

the technology advances apace, and one of those new products is called IPAD is a tablet designed and developed by Apple.

Drawing Tutorial: Draw and Paint an Angry Looking Iron Man

This tutorial shows my process of drawing and painting Iron Man, angry looking with bright light coming out of the arc-reactor, on a small card (of size almost similar to that of a playing card), using graphite and watercolours as the media.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 7: The app icon

To publish your app to the app store it needs to have an icon, and it can not be the white one that you see by default in the simulator.

200 best illustrations in web design, a complete review

On this countdown, you’re about to take a breathe of inspiration and see 200 of the most astounding characters and illustrations found on the internet during these days, maybe your website was featured if you have a great vein for creativity.

Logo Design Inspiration:100  Colorful New Logo Designs

Today we are presenting 100 Colorful New Logo Designs. A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand.

Logo Design Inspiration:100  Colorful New Logo Designs

An important point in communication is being understood. When you’re trying to convey information you want the information received to be the same as what’s delivered. If you’re audience doesn’t understand you the fault is yours and not theirs.

15 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Slow WordPress Blogs turn everyone off – Google doesn’t like sites that load slowly, and readers have to impatiently wait to read your brilliant material.

Coreldraw Tutorial: Create an Adorable Twitter Bird Holding a FollowMe  Sign

This tutorial will show you how to create a vector twitter bird using basic shapes. We will be using some primary shapes like circle, triangle and rectangle.

Photoshop Tutorial: Creative WordPress Blog Layout

Today I will be walking you through the process of creating a Creative WordPress Blog Layout in Photoshop.

20  fresh PSD Website Templates

Photoshop is the most famous design tool in entire design community for its capability of being able to create simply Stunning designs. PSD files are very useful resources for beginners. That’s why good designers always share their designs to express themselves. Today i collected 20 fresh PSD templates made by these designers. The most interesting thing is that all the templates are free and available to download. So what are you waiting for select your favourite template, Download it and use it in your next project.

5 SEO Factors that Really Matter Nowadays

Search Engine Optimization has always been an important part of the online world. Webmasters use it to get their sites ranking high on the results pages, and marketers use it to make money from products and services that they try to get into the SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages), as well.

6 Possible Ways to Update Your Site Content Easily

To make cost effective changes, you should have a method of updating content that doesn’t require advanced coding or paying your Web developer every time you want to make a small change. Frequently updated site is critical to the customers’ perceptions of your company, and also improve your search engine ranking. Consider how you will update your web site before you start working on it.

Showcase of Beautiful Free and Premium WordPress Themes

There are so many websites out there that pay no attention to their aspect, they are too simple or too poor in colors. I personally find it invigorating to see a site filled with color. I enjoyed making this beautiful collection of truly creative and colorful WordPress Themes. You can find in this showcase both free and premium themes. Just check them out!

Deftbeat, An Extremely Inspirational Vexel & Vector Artist

Deftbeat is a vexel/vector artist from the Philippines who has an absolutely stunning portfolio, showcasing how much of an impact vexel inspired work can have. Looking so simple, yet so very effective.

Collection of 100 large splashes of paint brushes and water

web design resources and graphic design is always important to do amazing work as brushes, textures are all important in making an advertisement.

How to Create a Mad Chihuahua Wallpaper in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a grungy abstract wallpaper using vectors, powerful lighting and stock brushes. You can use these techniques to enhance your own photos, all you need is some patience and preferably a graphic tablet.

Portfolio CSS Tutorials and Free WordPress Themes

When you start working, your great graphic design portfolio is going to help you land that great job. I have compiled extremely useful Portfolio CSS Tutorials and free Portfolio WordPress Themes.

35  Attractive Women Photo Manipulation

Without any art, woman is already a great art of nature. I hope that the following women photo manipulation will inspire you.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 5: The Accelerometer

Yes, your iPhone has an accelerometer. I know this is not a physics class but the best way to define it is saying that it is a device to detect the magnitude and direction of acceleration. iDevices uses it to detect rotation, shake gestures, among others.

12 Awesome Web Design/Development Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

It is a great time to be a designer/developer of websites. While it is 2010 and we still don’t have flying cars at least we have many great (and free) tools to hold us over until we are traveling in style like the Jetsons. Some of my favorites are the web based tools you see popping up all the time. I don’t find all of them useful, there are many that make my life easier. Today I am going to run down the list of web based design and development tools I find myself using on a regular basis.

Absolutely Beautiful Bokeh Inspired Portrait Photography

Today’s showcase features bokeh inspired portrait photography that will show you how one of my favourite effects can be incorporated into modern photography.

37 Free and Updated WordPress 3.0 Compatible Themes

With the release of WordPress 3.0(then 3.0.1) we have seen many new features like custom post types,custom menu and new navigation menus.But there was a problem with many themes about the compability for WordPress 3.0.after releasing

How to create a portfolio layout design with 3D look

Learn how to create a 3D portfolio website layout.

Best tooltip scripts & plugins, a complete analysis

This showcase reunites the most important and useful tooltip scripts that can be easily implemented on your site. From AJAX and JavaScript solutions to some lite CSS and jQuery applications, you will find the nicest and well executed tooltip scripts and then check if any of these can fit to your needs.

Octobers Showcase of the Best Articles in Industrial Design

Here we showcase articles of varying nature; new concepts, new artists and other news associated with industrial design across the web.

55 Beautiful Web Interface From deviantArt in October 2010

In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous September month so you can see current web design interface ( layouts ) trends.

200  Free People Silhouettes Best Collection

Artistic and trendy peoples are considering more of people silhouettes in web and print designs in the future, these vector graphics can be really useful in different projects such as in web designs, banners, streamers, posters, advertisements, business cards etc. As vector gives you the flexibility to create your own version by modifying or editing these files according to your needs. There are a lot of websites, print materials and advertisements who make use of people silhouettes. Finding some useful and free people silhouettes were not easy but in this particular post you’ll find 5 sets of vector graphics featuring people silhouettes (which contain 200 silhouettes) download and use for free. You can even use some of these sets for commercial purposes.

40 beautiful illustrations on t-shirts designs

digital illustration has expanded worldwide and is widely used by graphic designers using graphic design programs like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #9

This is our ninth installment of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working environment.

30 Fantastic Social Bookmark Sets For Bloggers

There are many social bookmark icon sets out there on the web but only few are beautiful and free so today I have made a small roundup of my favourite social bookmark icons for bloggers.

40 Stunning & Gorgeous Portrait Of Woman

Today we’ve pulled together an inspiring collection of gorgeous female portraits. Photographing people can be a challenging and rewarding art, and these photos will hopefully inspire you with new techniques, lighting examples, and composition. I hope you enjoy the roundup, and feel free to share your own examples in the comments.

Web Interface Showcase: Effective & Clear Web Designs

Today I roundup a selection of web interface design, within various categories and styles; these have all be inspiring in minimalism, functionality and layout.

Why You Need A Content Strategy And How You Can Create One

Creating useful, entertaining, and engaging content on a consistent basis isn’t easy. A content strategy will focus your content on achieving your goals and help you help your audience achieve their goals. It gets you to think about what content to create and how best to format that content. If gets you to think about when and where to publish different content and who has the skills to create different types of content.

Exclusive Freebie: Social Networking Icons

Today I am pleased to offer an icon set that I designed specifically for Design Juices absolutely free, these icons include the most used Social Network sites.

20 Free Phone and iPad GUI PSD and vector templates for web designers

A user friendly design cannot fall into a success criterion without these two key elements planning and communication. To invade into the success parameter of designing it is necessary you implement these two key elements which can only be possible by the wireframing process.

20 Cool Social Media Infographics to Show The Power Of Sharing

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education

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