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Apple posted a showcase of “HTML5 and web standards” on its website  that highlights the level of support for the emerging standard in the company’s Safari and Mobile Safari browsers. The site showcases HTML5 audio and canvas elements, as well as CSS 3 transitions and typography tools.

Unfortunately, the way Apple presents the showcase, you would think Safari is the only web browser that supports these new web standards. Try to visit the site with any other browser and you’ll get a message telling you to download Safari. Apple is detecting the user-agent string and only allowing Safari users to see the galleries. Based on this experience, seem like the showcase isn’t about web standards, It’s about Apple’s version of web standards.

Recently I found interesting post from flashlab “Jumback in time with HTML5” on it’s website. This site is showcasees HTML vs Flash , the Apple HTML5 demos on the left parts and Flash demos on the right parts.


On their post flashlab notice that The Apple HTML5 demos only work with Safari (4.7% of all users on all devices). Some HTML5 features work, others won’t work on other browsers.


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