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ZEN Simple HTML5 CSS3 Audio Player

Zen is a single-song HTML5 Audio Player, powered by jPlayer, styled and mostly animated with CSS3. Zen has very simple user interface. You can see In the stopped/paused state, it similiar like  a little of a dark Zen stone lying on bright sand, that’s why this the creator call this audio player  as Zen.

This Audio Player is just a demo. It works more or less in Firefox4, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS, but there are some differences in the visuals. Also other known issues are:

  • There is no preload indicator yet.
  • Chrome on Windows has a known box-shadow bug where the circles don’t get cut off, no panic, should already be fixed in the nightly.
  • Opera starts to rotate funky after the first round, no idea why.
  • On iOS the many gradients and box-shadows make the transition slow. It might would need some simpler styling.
  • Plus there is no proper fallback for older browsers. A Modernizr and Flash combo should do it.

The player is now on github for forking, chewing and spitting out, if you’re interested.

Requirements: jQuery & jPlayer plugin
License: Other License