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7 jQuery Plugins To Jazz Up Your Website

The following jQuery plugins are great for for event management, animation and Ajax interactions, and will certainly turn your website into eye-candy for your visitors!

  1. Ninja UI – This plugin is one big pack of web interface:  it has buttons, icons, tooltips, sliders, and more!  Its design gets plenty of rave reviews for being beautiful, efficient and unobtrusive.

  3. Mobiscroll – This one is optimized for touchscreen devices. Although it’s mainly used for scheduling tasks, dates, and appointments, it can also be used for other values such as images. It also works well as a dropdown list alternative. Check out its demo.

  5. Elycharts – A pure Javascript charting library, this one is easy to use and completely customizable. With this you can create interactive charts with key features such as legend and label support, mouse tracking, tooltips, and animation. It doesn’t require any client side plugins like Flash or Java, and runs on the client browsers so installation isn’t necessary. View the demo here.

  7. Timelinr – Thanks to its customizable layouts, speed, and transparency, you can say goodbye to boring old timelines. Check out its demo.

  9. jQuery.fracs – This impressive plugin helps determine the visible fractions of an element that is currently in the viewport. It allows users to easily skip through different sections of a website, making it ideal for one-page websites. Get a load of the demo.

  11. PikaChoose – This extremely lightweight jQuery slideshow plugin integrates smoothly with jCarousel and has API hooks for lightbox and Fancybox integration too.

  13. Blueberry –  This image slider plugin was written specifically to work with responsive web layouts. Enjoy its responsiveness here.

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