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Safety Ways for Secure Mobile Transactions

Modern technology has made business and banking transactions much easier, especially with online and mobile transaction systems. With the use of mobile devices, these transactions can be done wherever you are. However, mobile transactions are still less secure than those conducted online via computers.

Below are some tips that you can apply for safer mobile transactions. Remember that not only your money is at stake here, but also your identity:

Use device passwords. This is the best way to protect yourself against someone who wants to gain access to your accounts from your phone, especially if you travel often. But be wary of using Wi-Fi connections since it can still enable other users to access your private information.

Change your passwords often. You do this to protect your online personal accounts, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise the same caution with your mobile accounts. If you have to, keep a hard copy of your passwords where only you can find it, in case of emergency.

Send personal info only via a secure internet connection. And avoid using a public Wi-Fi network, where hackers are most likely able to access your device IP and other info.

Only use apps from reputable sources. Downloading third-party apps is very risky so only download them from reputable vendors such as Apple or Google. If you have doubts, always check your mobile’s App Store  for native apps because they’re more secure.

Always check for app reviews and ratings first. Do your research first before downloading any apps, even from reputable app stores, because sometimes, even seemingly reliable apps can still be buggy and not as secure as you need them to be. Check written user reviews to be safe.

Check mobile websites for ‘HTTPS’. Sites with ‘https’ are more secure than ‘http’ sites, because the former protects data shared between your device and the online server. You can easily identify an https site through the padlock icon in the address bar.

Check your statements regularly. Make it a constant habit to check all transaction statements, not only for suspicious withdrawals or transfers, but also to help you avoid incurring any debt.

Report suspicious activity promptly. Just as you would report suspicious credit card purchases, report any unauthorized mobile transactions immediately.

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