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Node.js Tutorial Roundup

Javascript has always been important but usually it just hangs around in your browser, getting stuff done. The buzz on the internet is node.js, an event based, server side javascript based on Google’s super-fast V8 engine. It allows you to make high performance, large scale applications. There still aren’t that many tutorials out there, with the same ones getting republished over and over again. If you’re going to use node.js for a web app for your free website they are worth taking a look at. Here are some of the best:

Introductions and Installation

Node.js is the new blacky,

A great explanation of why node.js is important and why you should be learning how to get to gggrips with it straight away.

Diving into Node.js – Introduction and Installation

A nice introduction to node with some great graphics and a walkthrough of the installation.

A Gentle Introduction to Node.JS

As the title implies, this is most definitely a gentle introduction to node.js which takes you through each of the steps to create a simple time tracking app.

Getting started with node.js on Windows

As it stands, node doesn’t run on Windows. You need to run it on some sort of *nix/BSD system. This tutorial will get you started.

Installing Node.js on Ubuntu Screencast Tutorial

Prefer learning through visuals? This tutorial will show you show to install node.js on Ubuntu.

Node by Example

Another fantastic series of tutorials which walks you through all of the basics of node.

Learning Server Side Javascript with Node.js

A tutorial from everyone’s favorite one-stop-shop for tutorials – NetTuts.

Building some apps is a “little cute programming exercise to put the gorgeous node.js to the test.” It lets you shorten and permanently store your URL.

Let’s Make a Web App: NodePad

I love to learn through doing. This tutorial is the first in a tutorial series about how to build a web app using node.

NodeJS Tutorial with CouchDB and Haml – ErdNodeFlips

How to create a top ten web app using a CouchDB database and Haml based templates.

Simple chat with node.js and websockets

Create a chat room for free with node.js and websockets – just one among many great videos from nodetuts.

Streaming File uploads with node.js

Get started with learning how to stream file uploads. A great introduction to node.

Javascript: Node.js: Building a Simple Web Service

A slick video from Think Vitamin that includes all the source code for building your simple web service.

Getting your server ready

Hosting Node Apps

A tutorial on how to get your server ready to host node.js for server-side JavaScript applications.


Debugging with node inspector

Debugging can be the most painful aspect of any programming task. This tutorial has a great video on how to debug your app using node inspector. How to Node has got loads of other great tutorials so be sure to check it out.

Don’t forget, you can always check out the official docs as a place to find everything you’ll need to know about node for your free website.

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    Node can be installed on Windows:

    Also having to install Cygwin has been helpful since I have also setup a Node server on Amazon EC2 and Cygwin (or PuTTY) is required to connect the EC2.

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