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Rebranding Rules that You cannot Override

Rebranding is certainly not a common practice among marketers. It raises my hackles whenever I am asked to take part in a re-branding exercise because there are so many examples of great failures that I think twice before committing myself to action. It is not just about money, other things are involved intrinsically and a minor mistake could be snowballed into massive marketing disaster. And so like any other sane marketing professionals, I do not like the idea of being branded as failed marketer. Such appreciation might not be that much helpful for landing a job. So, here are some must follow rules that every marketer should follow before rebranding your blog’s name:

  • Make Sure Rebranding is A Necessity: You should to take to rebranding only if the practice is unavoidable and not  just to rub off the rust. If your blog has been around for quite a while, you may need to change the logo or the slogan time to time just to make your company look relevant with the change of time. Google has done the same thing and Microsoft has done it too. But make sure there is a solid reason behind this otherwise, backlash is waiting for you at the end.
  • Rebranding for Good: You need to make it a point that the rebranding exercise is doing good to your online reputation, and not the other way around. It does not make any sense to make changes in the name or in the logo just for the sake of doing something good. There are some glaring examples when the old one looks and sounds better than the new one. Make sure that you are not going to add another example to this vast list.

Test it: It is good practice to have a test run of the rebranding marketing mix on a small group of people and get their feedback. If the feedback is positive and impressive, you can go ahead with the plan and have a blast. But if the result is less than positive, you should stop and try to figure out what went wrong with it. After fixing it rerun the same marketing plan and see if thing is taking a favorable turn or not.

  • Do Not negate Existing reputation: This is where most marketers go wrong. They give little attention or no attention to existing brand reputation. You need to get into the mindset of the people before digging into something new. Your rebranding exercise should not play with the emotion of existing customers. The rebranding exercise should be a welcome move and not an aggressive move.
  • Stick To history: Unless the purpose is to make a dramatic move from previous stance, rebranding exercise should be linked with the history of the blog. You are free to expand, revitalize and reenergize brand image of your blog but make sure that people can still relate it to you. A complete deviation is certainly not a welcome move by any standard.
  • Put On Your Thinking cap: Yes before you make a single move in the direction of refreshing the public image of your organization, you need to have a clear idea how your targeted audience are going react. Just make sure that you are planning to make them happy and you are good.


This is a the first guest post of Michael Evans. I hope all you blogfreakz out there, find this new article informative and refreshing.


Author Bio
Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he has been writing for Site2You which is the best online website builder. He has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.

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  1. Nancy


    This is a great post! Something new to think about when one gets in a blogging rut and researching a way to ‘rebooting’ or rebrand the blog.