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Depositphotos: User-Friendly Royalty-Free Images In A Snap!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find free stock photos and images online that can be freely used to complement one’s articles. But thanks to microstock photography sites like, website owners and bloggers like me have a place to go for much-needed royalty-free images.

Despositphotos’s search feature is great. It gives you a list of suggested searches as you type in the first letters, and it also shows you how many images are available for each suggested search item. And as you can see, due to the number of images it contains, it may take you a while to look through them and choose.

I love how it lets you filter your search based on image size, something that I didn’t find in another stock photo site. I only wish they’d use specific image resolution or pixel count (px) as parameters instead of vague size measurements like xsmall, medium, xxlarge, and so on.

Next is the subscription and payment method. In terms of payment plans, Depositphotos offers very reasonable rates with 25 images per day at $180 per month. That’s about 70% cheaper than its competition! Aside from them being much more affordable, another thing that makes Depositphotos different from the rest is ‘Payment by SMS’, a payment method that allows its subscribers to order images through their mobile phone.

For bloggers like me that are just starting to use royalty-free images, Depositphotos is a great place to begin with because of their 7-day Free Trial Subscription, another thing that you won’t find in other sites. In fact, they even have this special promo for bloggers and website owners wherein they can earn free credits to buy stock images, find out more about it at Depositphotos’s official blog.

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1 Comment

  1. Wikitoc Marketing


    After reading that article I decided to give it a try and I subscribed to their free trial. When you register, they ask you for your credit card.

    But you have to be very careful because they MIGHT charge you the full monthly fee subscription (59.00$) even if you’re still on your 6th day! And then, when you talk to their customer service they can’t completely refund you! You have to choose between 50% refund or convert the 59$ to credits…

    I was really disappointed.