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Guidelines In Creating An Effective Brochure [Sponsored Post]

Brochures are designed to perform two main functions: the first is to attract the attention of new customers, and the second is to provide more extensive information to an interested market.  The first type of brochure usually has a louder design and speaks of the product or service in broad strokes. The second type contains more detailed content, and can do away with flashy effects.

So the first rule of creating a brochure is: decide first what you want to achieve. Understanding your goal is critical in determining where you will take your design and content strategy.

After you’ve decided on what your brochure will do for you, consider the following guidelines:

1. Keep the customer in mind. Whether it’s to catch attention or to seal a deal, everything you place in your brochure needs to have the customer’s best interests at heart. Use the language that your customer speaks, both visually and verbally.

2. Appeal to the emotions. Your brochure cover must make a powerful emotional statement with your customers. Images convey ideas faster and more easily, but a few well-chosen words can heighten the effect.

3. Start off with the benefits, end with the benefits. All customers want to know from the start is what’s in it for them. Don’t waste their time with a lengthy and convoluted introduction. Your customers don’t care about your product features – they care about what the features can do for them. Likewise, end your brochure with benefits they can get once they take action.

4. Be bold. Your brochure’s job is to tell your customers what to do and when to do it. Even if the final decision is theirs, you have a chance of tipping the scales in your favor if you present them with a clear and decisive course of action where your product is concerned.

5. Use words that sell. Images will hook your market in, but ultimately your copy will make them want to buy. So use sales copy that encourages your audience to take action.

6. Be crystal-clear. Make sure the images and copy that you use conveys exactly what you want to say, no more, no less. Weed out everything you don’t need.

7. Be professional. Your audience will take you seriously if your brochure is professionally crafted and written. If possible, hire expert designers, copywriters, and a competitive printing service like PrintRunner to help you produce the best brochure that your company deserves.


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  1. Nina


    Wonderful tip on creating a brochure.
    Brochure can be a great medium to invite people and let people know your brand!

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    Thanks for the insights, keep up the amazing work.
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