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Get Rid of Email Spam with jQuery Spamless

Protect your web site against email spam with this lightweight and very useful jQuery plugin called jQuery Spamless. The plugin is designed by the web developers at Design Chemical, which prevents spam from entering and littering your blog. What it does is to convert indistinct email addresses which are hard to detect by spam harvesters into human-readable content in the browser.

This jQuery plugin has several options which you can customize according to the security level and allows you to control how you would want to write the email. It also allows you to:

1. Customize the characters that were used to replace “@” symbol and “.” symbol in the domain name.

2. Increase your web site security by choosing whether to convert the reversed text into a human-readable email address.

3. It automatically detects href text used in an email link and converts it to a normal email address.

4. It gives you the option to convert confusing email addresses into a mailto links.

Here’s how to use the plugin:

1. Add this plugin to the head of your document.

2. Create the email HTML.
You can use the jQuery Spamless plugin in several ways. For the default settings – reverse text and “.” Symbol in the domain name changed by “(dot)” and “@” symbol changed by ”(at)”, email can be entered as mailto link or as text inside HTML tag.

If you use a mailto link, it will detect the link automatically. You can use the following HTML to add the email “”

Mailto link:


3. Initialize the plugin.

You can change the email spam settings.
Below is the plugin default.

Spam button photo credits: Idselpaso.Com

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