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Simple Modal Plugin

Simple Modal is a lightweight jQuery plugin that gives you flexibility to build any ideas that you envision. Created by Eric Martin, it also gives you a powerful interface for modal dialog development.


#simplemodal-container a.modalCloseImg {
 background:url(/img/x.png) no-repeat; /* adjust url as required */

For IE6 when applying PNG fix

<!--[if lt IE 7]>

<style type='text/css'>

 #simplemodal-container a.modalCloseImg {





 filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(

 src='img/x.png', sizingMethod='scale'





onOpen: for adding effects to opening of modal dialog elements

$("#element-id").modal({onOpen: function (dialog) {

 dialog.overlay.fadeIn('slow', function () {

 dialog.container.slideDown('slow', function () {'slow');




onShow: for binding events or any actions you might want to perform after modal dialog elements are displayed.

$("#element-id").modal({onShow: function (dialog) {

 // Access elements inside the dialog

 // Useful for binding events, initializing other plugins, etc.
 // For example:

 $("a", () {

 // do something
 return false;



onClose: for adding effects to closing of modal dialog elements.

$("#element-id").modal({onClose: function (dialog) {'slow', function () {

 dialog.container.slideUp('slow', function () {

 dialog.overlay.fadeOut('slow', function () {

 $.modal.close(); // must call this!





To learn more about Martin’s cool lightbox, kindly visit his site by clicking on the image.

Demo and Download.

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