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3 Inspirational Website Design

For today’s post I decided to feature 3 brilliant and elegant website designs that I hope will inspire you or help you come up with your own design concepts.

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The Mobile Index – When properly executed, having all your content on a single page is a great way to increase the chances of it being seen by your visitors. From clean and simple ideas that focus on type and images, to engaging scrolling effects, there is more than one way to approach this concept but I thought The Mobile Index’s approach deserves to get some attention.

Cedric Vella – If clean and minimalist design is what you’re looking for then Cedric Vella’s site portfolio is one great example. A clean layout doesn’t have to be plain and boring; one can still have colors, textures, and illustrated elements in his site’s design and still avoid striping it with allegories and unnecessary elements.

Friend (De Vriend) – A parallax effect in web design, when done properly, can give your visitors a very rich and engaging user experience through smooth and seamless navigation. But do it wrong and you’ll only end up overwhelming them (and even confusing them) with all your web elements as they attempt to go about your site. The reason why I chose to use Aimee de Jongh’s website is because aside from the fact that it’s filled with beautiful animations, it doesn’t tend to make the visitor feel kind of lost while scrolling through the various portions of the site (unlike some that I’ve encountered).

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