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5 Elements to Successful Website Design

Looking to get a professional website design for your business, organization, or personal use?  It’s important to have a highly
effective website that really helps you generate results.  Your website design Madison company has a few tips that will help you create that effective and professional website you have been looking for.

Keep it simple

A lot of business owners and organizations know of all those cool effects that you can do but that doesn’t mean that will equate to more traffic for your website.  Users are put-off by designs that seem to cluttered or if there is to much going on, don’t be afraid to use white space.  Now I didn’t say not to use any effects on your website, but do it in moderation.


You’ve heard it before and the saying still holds true today content is king.  You want to have unique and relevant content on each page. If your content isn’t relevant to your website or message then your visitors will be leaving fast.  In addition, the search engines love unique content and so do your readers.

Be Consistent

Use the same design across all pages of your website.  Consistency is important make sure you use the same fonts and text sizes.  The only time it is OK to have different color fonts or sizes in when using header tags.  Keep your navigation in the same place along with key links.

Browser Compatibility

This is a biggie and yet is over looked by today’s top Madison, WI website design companies.  Not only should your website work in Internet Explorer (Don’t forget older versions too) it should also work in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.  Firefox and Google Chrome are gaining huge amounts of popularity don’t assume just because you use Internet Explorer that your visitors do to.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure that after you website built that it can actually be found. What good is spending all that money on having a professional website design if it doesn’t generate your business any results.  Some of the easiest things that today’s professional web designers are not doing can make a huge impact on where you rank on the search results.  Such things as: Title tags, header tags, keyword rich content-rich content, and domain name.

You may think your website looks fantastic, but your website is built
for your visitors not you.  Make sure your website full fills the
wants and needs of your visitors not your wants and needs.

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1 Comment

  1. Game Critic


    I suggest when you talk about older versions point out exclude IE6 even though it is not that hard to make your website compatible with IE6, it does take an extra effort and it is not worth it according to me. Don’t waste time on IE6!