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A Quick Guide to Bootstrap

Would you like to build a website in a fast and easy way, but don’t know what front-end framework to use? Why not to test some of them and see which one will work best for your project? For instance, you can start with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework that was built at Twitter. It allows anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to create sites, applications and more. Also, Bootstrap can be a framework of choice whether you want to build a fixed-width or a responsive layout.

If you get deeper into Bootstrap, you’ll see that it’s equipped with HTML, CSS, and JS for all sorts of things. In other words, once you download Bootstrap, you get a lot of components, code snippets and JavaScript plugins that you can use. Simply choose the typography, buttons, navigation bars, dropdowns, carousels, progress bars and other elements you like and build the website you need.

We often say it’s better to do more with less and these words are so true, especially when it comes to Bootstrap; the point is that Bootstrap utilizes less CSS.

Actually, a lot can be said about Bootstrap, but we have a better idea. We suggest that you check the informative infographics that has been recently released at The infographics will introduce you to Twitter Bootstrap and will offer links for further reading.

Here is a static version of the infographics and if you want to navigate to the interactive version, please click on the image above.

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