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How to Create A Basic Hipster-Style Layout


So you loved the layout before it became cool. Well, here’s how to recreate the ideology into a basic layout design that will make you fit in with the hat-scarf-and-oversize glasses-toting culture. Ironically, of course.

1. For your background, use a photo that will occupy the entire screen. Neutral images are preferred.

Image source:

2. Use mixed typography. We cannot emphasize enough how much retro-inspired fonts will work here.

Image source:

3. Make sure that parts of your text are white. But don’t use too much text.

Image source:

4. Age your background image by reducing its saturation, or use a retro (usually 50’s or 60’s) filter to achieve a vintage effect. You can also blur and lighten it to make it look dreamlike.

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 30 13.56

5. Add a bit of decorative elements, which can be either modern and graphic, or old-school. Make sure they don’t overpower the image, and are in mostly flat and muted colors.

Image source:

Image source:

6. If you’re adding any links or buttons, they have to be subtle and minimalistic.

Image source:

7. Now put them together. Be sure that the background image stands out most. Check out the samples below:




And voila! Your trendy yet non-mainstream hipster layout is done.

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  1. ctitzee12


    please guide me i don’t know about hipster layout..