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How to Maximize Web Design to Increase Traffic

If you have an artistic bent, you can capitalize on your web design skills to help make your website more attractive to visitors. Here are a few ways by which you can do this.

Image source: Templatemo.Com

1. Infographics – If your site is heavy on statistics and figures, then a beautifully designed infographic will help convey all your information more clearly to your readers. It can also be shared quickly via email and on social networking and bookmarking sites, helping you generate traffic in the shortest possible time.

2. Freebies: Themes, Desktop, Mobile Wallpapers – If you’re so inclined to create blog themes and wallpapers, then you might want to consider making them downloadable on your site for free. The key here is usefulness — anything you give away must be useful to your audience. It’s highly recommended that you present your downloadable freebies in a gallery, offering your visitors options. Also, if you’re creating wallpapers, you should create different-sized versions for desktop monitor screen and mobile devices.

3. Custom page layouts – You can tweak your blog’s HTML and CSS scripts and graphic elements to customize each of your blog posts and site pages to make them look more stylish and attractive to your readers. Just make sure the overall design sensibilities still fit within your site’s theme and direction.

4. Minisites – Minisites are small websites that offer information on a very specific topic. You can design a beautiful minisite that links back to your website. Not only can it direct more traffic to your main site, it can also be used to generate more revenue.

5. Games – If you’ve got the tools and know-how, you can design quick and easy games for your visitors to pass the time on your site. A well-designed game can be attractive to visitors and may also help decrease your bounce rate.

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  1. Rebecca


    these are some great tips! I love the idea of the mini sites – thanks for sharing!