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99 Fresh Tutorial & Resources For Web Designer

As web designer and web developer, we need fresh inspiration that we can learn from its. This article provides you with 99  fresh articles from the web design and development community. All the articles have been submitted by blogfreakz readers. Jump in and start reading!

50  Most Demanding & Highly Professional Business Cards For Your Inspiration

The business cards you are seeing these days are full of creativity and innovative. Beautifully designed and the use of typography and illustrations make these cards a new creative masterpiece. Business people and professionals want totally new look and feel for there business cards so they present themselves with a unique way.

The Best Page Navigation: Older Entries, Previous/Next & Page Numbers

Which of these design options you choose, can help dictate the “stickiness” of your blog, it can dictate how much time a visitor spends on your blog.

Logo Design Inspiration Galleries

A logo is a graphical symbol or mark which signifies particular enterprises or organizations. Even a small and simple logo will recognize an organization, it represents a company.

30 Amazing Fractal Artworks

Just in case you didn’t know, a fractal is a fragmented or rough geometric shape which can be spilt into many parts, and each of those parts is actually a reduced-size copy of the whole design. Check out these absolutely stunning fractal artworks.

How to Go About Logo Redesigning – Tips and Tricks

A logo is the most basic element of branding and brand recognition of an individual, product or service. A logo is designed as soon as the business is established and remains till the end of the days. However, at times, due to some particularly important reasons, companies tend to change the appearance of their logo.

19 Detailed WordPress Theme Development Tutorials To Help you Create Your Own Theme

A few months ago we’ve collected many WordPress theme design tutorials and published them here and we take this step further.The design process is the first step for a wordpress theme but the most important and cool part is the development of the theme.

Invoicing Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

Invoicing your client is an important process for freelance designers. So in this article I have tried to advice some useful tips in order to make invoicing hassle-free.

Design Process: How to create a Japanese-style design in Photoshop

Today we will create an abstract colorful illustration. This technique can be applied to any shape, no hand drawing skills are required – just a bit of imagination. This tutorial can be completed by both beginners and advanced, all steps are explained in detail.

24 Websites designed especially for the kids

Kids are innocent, straight, and curious and are in hurry to understand everything. It is the utmost difficult task to cater to this segment as kids psychology is hard to understand. To design to the need of the kid is challenging.

Resize flash dynamically with javascript and actionscript

A simple and efficient way of dynamically resizing flash embedded objects with javascript and actionscript.

35 Inspiring and Informative ”About Me” Pages

An about me page is quite essential for a blogger,especially if you are a professional designer or something else you need an informative and well-designed about me page.

The Halloween T-shirt Showcase; Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies & Witches

This Halloween Festive special, a showcase and roundup of the best Ghosts, Zombies & Witches T-shirts from across the web of various brands and online stores.

Do You Have What It Take To Be A Successful Web Designer?

In the virtual world of web, you have to fit in everything that you want to say in a single web page. So, along with designing an eye-catching website pattern, web designers have the challenging task of effectively balancing the huge amount of information, the interests of their client and their aesthetics all into one website.

Create a Killer Document Template in OpenOffice

As you probably already know from my article on Windows vs Linux, I’m a Linux guy. I simply love the kind of things I can do on my Linux box using all free and open applications.

Stunning Illustrations By David Fuhrer

Here we have some good illustration work of David Fuhrer who,s known as a artworker painter and illustration maker, today here we have some stunning illustrations of David Fuhrer which shows the deepness of his work we discover this artist from Behance Networ.

Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70  Creative Tips

In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials from around the web from the month of September 2010. You’ll find everything from Creating an Airport Time Table Type Effect, to Designing a sexy mechanical pinup in Photoshop.

Priming Your Audience To Do What You Want

Priming is the activation of specific concepts in memory for the purpose of influencing subsequent behaviors. Web designers can prime their visitors to take action by in many ways, including through the creation of a positive site experience. A word here and a color there can lead your visitors to do what you want them to do.

How To Help Search Engines Understand Your Content

How can you help search engines understand what your site is about through the way you structure your content? How can you help them understand what content on your site is relevant for which keywords? Through the tactic known as siloing or theming you can accomplish both and help improve how your pages rank.

50 Visually Delicious Landscape and Scenery Artworks

Deviantart has an amazing community of talented artists and designers. We decided to showcase some of the artists incredible work. In this collection you will find beautiful landscapes and scenery artworks.

20 Awesome WordPress Typography Themes for Writers

A list of 20 best free WordPress themes that are best for typography and reader-respected if you are considering to go minimal for your upcoming writing WordPress blog.

Tips To Make Money From Your Design Blog

There is so much information flowing all around the Internet and everyone of us is being bombarded with it every day. The enormous amount of information intake leads us to its expulsion after making an opinion on the basis of provided material. The complex network of World Wide Web, in general, and blogging, in particular, enabled us to express our opinions through this unique medium. However, most of us do not really know that our opinions based on our observation and expertise can actually pay us!

Quick Tip: How to Increase the Quality of Large Spotlights in Photoshop

I am sure at some point you created a large light point or a gradient and noticed that the their quality diminishes along with reducing their opacity. Well, this quick tip will surely help you fix that quickly and easily.

35 Inspiring Star Logo Designs

Today we will be looking at inspiring star logo designs. A star can have many meanings, especially in logo design. The first to come to your mind when thinking of stars might be creativity, dream, success, night, famous, and etc. With a strong global meaning, a symbol like this can be very powerful if used correctly. Not only that but the star itself has become a fast growing trend in the design community. We hope you will enjoy these wonderful logo designs, and get some inspiration for your project.

3D Design Inspiration: Intricate Stylings of CAD Modelling

This is a showcase to recognize the talents of 3D designers who master the skills of programs such as Solidworks and AutoCAD, and various other CAD software programs.

Photoshop Environment and Tools

For all the wonders that Photoshop can do, it still remains as a humble image editor that also has the awesome tools that let you create original works artwork. If you like taking pictures or drawing your own art, Photoshop can greatly enhance your skills and creativity.

33 Fabulous Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials

In this post, we collect newest the most beautiful and professional photo manipulation Photoshop tutorials that hopefully will helps you improve your designer knowledge.

30 Most Beautiful & Attractive Free WordPress Themes

You can choose for your portfolio websites, personal websites, blog websites, e-commerce websites because WordPress ultimate solution in open source world and most helping in ever kind of online business.Hope you like these themes and appreciate in your few words for use comment area.

30  Attractive Web Footer For Your Inspiration

you can do so much more with a blog footer. Twitter updates, popular posts, recent comments, and Flickr photo streams are just a few common ideas. Have a look at the photos below and see if you can pick up a few ideas!Komodo Media.

Inspirational websites of the week IV

We are back again with our inspirational websites of the week IV. These website would definitely help you with some sort of inspiration and we will continue to present top design website each week for you.

Concept Cars: 60  Kick-Ass Automobile Designs

If you have ever been to Montreal, Canada you know that this great city is host to a slew of events all year long. Some of the most popular ones are The Just For Laughs Show, The Jazz Festival and The Auto Show. The one I look forward to the most every year is the Montreal Auto Show. Besides going to the show to check out all the latest car models of the year, I also enjoy seeing all the latest concept cars and what industrial designers have come up with for the future. Most of these automobiles are futuristic in design and give the impression they are straight out of a Sci-fi movie. In this post I have put together a collection of amazing concept cars designed by some very talented industrial designers and artists from around the globe. Enjoy!

How to Create a Need for Speed Pro Street Inspired Logo in Photoshop Beginners

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to create a simple logo that just looks like the one in the popular game called Need for Speed: Pro Street in Photoshop. You will create the logo with these step-by -step instructions.

Must Read Interview with David Appleyard, Author of iPhone App Entrepreneur

Mobile Orchard recently had the privileged of interviewing David Appleyard, author of iPhone App Entrepreneur, which will be available today.

Free X-Treme Banner Rotator

Download free XML Image Banner Rotator / XML Banner Photo Gallery. No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Banner Rotator SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site.

Business Cards: Collection Of Amazing Designs

As I try to do ever month, I am bringing you the latest in business card design. There is never a shortage of new business cards to drool over. In this post you will see business card designs ranging from really creative and cool to very simple and slick. I hope that these business card designs will inspire you to create your own masterpiece. Enjoy!

10 jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

If you ever wanted to add some custom scrollbars to your website, to scroll the contents and the default browser scrollbars just doesn’t match up with your design, than make sure you check this list of 10 jQuery >

From Pencil To Paper, Inspiring Comic Book Art

Please enjoy this stunning and inspiring collection of comic book art, please let us know which one is your favourite.

28 Very Useful Font and Typography Tools for Designers

One of the most important part of design especially web design is typography and fonts.Where ever you turn your head you see typography and this shows how important it is.Designers are so accurate about fonts because of this many tools.

30 deadly sins of the web design business

This list is made upon many of the things we have learned through trial and error, taking many punches in the process. Hope you add to this list your own experiences so we can find together what exactly makes a client tick.

Industrial Designer Feature & Interview: Luke Norman Price

Today we introduce to you a talented industrial designer; Luke Norman Price. I got a chance to exchange some questions and talk all things industrial design.

40 Most Beautifully Designed Restaurant Menu’s Cards

There are many ways to design restaurant, Cafe, Clubs menus; we have collected a few sample restaurant, Cafe, Clubs menu’s that you can take inspiration from. Feast your eyes on these designs and enjoy.

Fresh Vector Packs and T-shirt Designs from

Our artists have been working hard in the past few weeks on some fresh vectors for you to use in your design projects. They came up with some mind blowing Japanese vector packs and some absolutely amazing new t-shirt designs.

All You Need To Know About Web Designers [Infographic]

Today we have a special edition of our infographic series – a huge roundup of facts and figures about our fellow web designers. Learn everything you need to know (and more) about web workers from a single glance.

New Premium and Free Vector Illustrations from

Our artists have been enthusiastically working in the past few weeks to create only high quality vectors for all you working professional designers out there. Today, we proudly present to you another beautiful collection of vector illustrations from

30 Stunning Piece Of Aquatic Photography

Underwater imaging is considered an especially challenging area of photography, since it requires very specialized equipment and techniques to be successful. If you can get past these challenges and find yourself within the deep there is a whole new world to be captured. Today, lets take a look under the sea at beautiful and amazing underwater photographs to find inspiration.

Learn How To Create A Professional CV/Resume Template In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a professional resume template in some easy steps.

Are You An Ethical Designer?

Would you take on a client who’s business was appalling to you? How far will you stretch the truth to help a client sell their products or services? When taking inspiration from another site how much of that other site gets incorporated into your design and how close does your site come to copyright infringement?

10 Questions to Prepare for and Ace any Interview

Interviews are one portion of the working world that many people would rather avoid. Many individuals are nervous whenever they enter an interview situation. Preparing for the top interview questions allows those nervous feelings to be put at bay and avoid freezing up when a manager or interviewer asks you a question.

NATURE: Tutorials, Textures, Icons, Brushes, Wallpapers, Logos, and More

Today’s article is a roundup of nature related resources: tutorials, icons, brushes, textures and more.. Hope you find the inspiration you need. As always, enjoy 😀

Writing Juices, Connecting Guest Writers With Blogging Communities

Writing Juices is an upcoming platform being masterminded by Nenuno Creative and Design Juices where are aim is to connect guest writers with established blogging communities.

20 Colorful Webdesigns for your inspiration

This Showcase-Articel shows 20 very colorful Webdesigns, which use colors on a creative way, for your Design-Inspiration.

Win a copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur from Mobile Orchard!

On Monday we interviewed David Appleyard, author of ‘iPhone App Entrepreneur’. We are please to announce that Mobile Orchard has three copies of the PDF version to give away.

Fresh Elegant Website Designs: 50  Creative CSS Website Designs for Inspiration

Today we are presenting the fresh elegant 50 plus creative css website desigs for your inspiration. You can fine best website in the post.

150 Social Media Icons on Web-lovers Designblog

The Designblog Web-lovers presents in this post over 150 Social-Media-Icons, which can help you to integrate Social-Media-Links to your Website and do it in the same time with some style.

Corporate Branding – Social and Financial Benefits

Branding is the process of creating an association between a symbol/object/emotion/perception and a product/company with the goal of driving loyalty and creating differentiation. For example, through product packaging and advertising, Coca Cola has created an association between many different elements of its brand to its consumers. The hourglass shaped bottle, the red and white colors, and even the font of its logo together make Coca Cola distinctive from its competitors. Branding has many shapes, forms and mediums i.e. brochures, flyers, company business cards, postcards, website, newsletter, packaging and even the office interior and exterior. All these and a constant advertising has been successful in reinforcing past positive associations between the brand and consumers. Including your logo on every marketing piece from business cards to your signage can help customers recognize your brand.

40 Breathtaking HQ Landscape Photography For Your Inspiration

Landscape photography is a genre intended to show different spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. This popular style of photography is practiced by professionals and amateurs alike. Photographs typically capture the presence of nature and are often free of man-made obstructions. Landscape photographers usually attempt to convey an appreciation of the world.

30 Most Beautiful Free and Premium Japanese Vector Illustrations

You can’t deny that there is something about the Japanese culture that both inspire and mystify the whole world. Their amazing and rich culture stands as inspiration for designers all over the world to create beautiful designs with Japanese motifs.

High quality twitter background with bokeh effect – PSD available

Twitter backgrounds is the way to express what you are to the world of users in twitter. With default backgrounds, you are just another user in twitter. But with different backgrounds, you become special and you get noticed.

Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #8

This is our eighth installment of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working environment.

Halloween Vector Poster Template

Halloween Poster Template in vector. Easy to modify and use for your needs. Free for commercial use.

Photoshop Marvel: Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

The given Photoshop tutorial would brief you about the techniques to transform any image into a milk figure.

Absolutely Stunning Promotional Poster and Flyer Designs

Showcasing stunning typography and design inspiration I hope some of these advertisements bring a smile to your face on a Monday afternoon.

Web Design Inspiration: Inspiring and Creative Web Interface Designs

Here we showcase a wide selection of web interface designs; portfolios, personal sites and more. These are the most inspiring designs from recent weeks.

45 Scorching Examples of Illustrated Hot Sauce Labels

Take a peek at some examples to see what happens when you combine the interests of an Illustrator and a Chili Head.

50  Amazing Themes For All Blogging Platform

Hi there to all our dear readers out there. Blogging is a thing that we can see everyone doing lately in this internet technology era.

How I Structure Site Content

Content is crucial to the design of any site. You can’t truly design the visuals of a site without a solid grasp of what content the site will house. Here’s my process for deciding what content to include on a site and how to organize it into a cohesive structure.

How to make an iPhone App – Part 3: Table Views

Table views are probably the most common control in iPhone apps. If you have used the Messages app, Mail app, Twitter app, between many others, then you know what i’m talking about. You may have seen them with just text, with a tittle and a description, with an image but they are all table views.

40 Stunning Female Portfolio’s Inside The Post

A key component is the editing of work. Regardless of the depth of an artist’s, the editing process allows for a clean, concise presentation to the intended audience. You can add from basic knowledge of your art in your visual like resume in portfolio. Sometimes, an artist portfolio can be referred to as a lookbook.An Artist’s Portfolio allows you to showcase your art to a wide audience, so it should be some of your best work.

Learn How To Create A Wedding Website In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to design a professional wedding website in Photoshop.

35 Breathtaking Night Photography Of World Femous Places

Usually everybody visit on these place in morning time and some time in evening but due to lot of work and shortage of timing we cant look at these places today we are giving you a chance to look these places in front of your screen i hope every body will enjoy it and will love the beauty of these places.

Giveaway from SonicPrint: Win 10 iNotepads

Be sure to follow the rules of the giveaway for your entry to be counted to be in with a chance of being drawn out to win one of the ten prizes available.

Maintain a Catchy Blog in Limited Time

Whoever is on the Internet and reading this post might know what blogging is, and many of us are regular blogger too. A research showed that almost 75% of Internet users read blogs on daily basis which shows how popular blogging has become. Different people seek different benefits from blogs. These benefits can range from information, entertainment, learning, inspiration to advertisement and social interaction. A decade earlier, blogs were considered nothing more than a random diary of a person who likes to write about himself and his opinion every now and then. Now, blogging has become an important source of business and money-making and since it has a huge market, it is now being used as a marketing tool. Companies and individuals are taking advantages from the popularity of blogs and it is a good way of promoting your business as well.

90  Excellent WordPress CMS Themes and Plugins

CMS Themes and Plugins are the sought after things that every website and blogger owner are looking at. This is also one of the reason why WordPress is favorable to be used in creating websites. Its choices of themes and plugins ranges from a wide variety of source. In this article, showcases 90 most loved WordPress CMS Themes and Plugins.

App Giveaway! Win a copy of MorningReport

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to interview Josh Guest of b2cloud. Josh was very generous and provided Mobile Orchard with several promo codes to give to our readers.

40 beautiful digital painting and design inspiration

above basic elements of painting was watercolor, painting, color pencil, now times have changed mind and presents digital painting.

32 excellent collection of robot design

The robot is the creation of human fantasy that today it is almost a reality some resemble humans, you can find various types, we find robot factories, musical robot, robot to find jobs. With these illustrations you will find inspiration, where art and creativity
I hope there are no limits to enjoy this beautiful robot Collecion.

Get Your Tee On With Inspiring Designs From Redbubble

As we can’t show off all of our favourite designs, but we have hand picked 35 of our favourite tee’s! But be sure to check out our fantastic give-away tomorrow where you can have the chance to win one of three tee’s available over at redbubble!

Beautiful pink Webdesigns – a little Showcase

The Designblog Weblovers presents a little showcase which includes pink Webdesigns for your daily inspiration.

45 Excellent Examples Of Creatively Edited Photography

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception.It is one of the most attractive part of digital editing and being used widely in the magazine industry.

PSD Website Templates: Free High Quality Designs

In the past I have written many articles showcasing web design for inspirational purposes. In this post I came to the conclusion that I would compile a collection of beautifully designed, FREE, PSD website templates. These high quality PSD files can be very useful and save you lots of time with your web design projects without reinventing the wheel. You can download all these free website themes which include fully editable and layered PSD files. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

Win 1 Of 3 Tee’s Courtesy Of Redbubble

We are able to offer our lovely readers of nenuno creative the change to win 1 of 3 T-shirts from the massive creative collection that redbubble has to offer.

Digital Art Inspiration: Abstract Photoshop Manipulation Girls

Be inspired by the best digital artists from across the web, here we showcase the best photo manipulation digital artworks with girls as its subject focus.

Photoshop Tutorials Roundup: October 2010

This month there were some really awesome new Photoshop tutorials on the web. I put together a really cool collection of tutorials which will help you enhance your skills in using lights, brushes and a lot more in Photoshop.

Top 17 useful content management system (CMS) for web designers

Web content management system(CMS) has brought revolution in the field of web designing. With its Simplicity ,Excellency and Accessibility it has made the publication of web content simple and easy.

Super Cars of the Future: Inspiring Future thinking in Car Design

Here I look to highlight and showcase several amazing concept (and possible production) super cars who are all using new technologies and new ways of designing the super car of the future.

Celebrating 10,000 members on   Giveaway

Because has reached 10,000 members is celebrating and offering a 1 month trial for only $5 (regular price: $30). And we have a giveaway for our readers and the prizes are 5 Plus memberships (3 months, $80 value each) from Vectorious.

21 Creative Photoshop Photo Manipulations Tutorial

Photo Manipulation is another great thing you can do on Photoshop you can mix or edit images and create totally new image using Photoshop.

Get Inspired, an Interview with the Developers Behind the Dribbblr iPad app

Tapmates Inc. is a privately held company based in Central Europe, and made of of 10 employees from Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States. They entered the App Store with Cookmate followed by many client apps. Their latestproduct is Dribbblr.

How To Add Automatic Short URLs In WordPress

Today I will show you a easy way to auto shorten your WordPress URLs using the API, you will be working in your functions.php and single.php file, please backup before making any changes!

Learn How to Go from Snapshot to Super Model in this Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to apply makeup on a woman with no makeup and enhance other features such her skin and hair using Photoshop.

28 Stunning Piece Of Photoshop Artwork

Photoshop is very powerfull tool for editing your pictures and give them a new life u can change many things in your pictures here i have some examples look at the examples and than ask by comments we will provide more stuff for this like tutorials to understand all photoshop

Outer Space Inspired iPhone Wallpaper Designs

The iPhone has to be the most popular tech gadget that has been released in the past few years. As a telephone, a messaging tool or a multimedia device, the iPhone serves a purpose for everyone. One of the biggest reasons this device has gained so much popularity is because of its ability to be customized to it’s user’s personal taste. iPhone wallpapers allows users to bring customization to another level. Displaying these unique outer space inspired wallpapers give users a sense of individuality with a device that everyone seems to have. So why not go ahead and get rid of that old wallpaper and spice up your iPhone with one of these beautifully designed outer space wallpapers. Enjoy!

Ultimate Business Solutions as Creative Facebook Pages

We would like to share something fruitful for make more successful business on great successful social network facebook, Social media has completely changed the way consumers and businesses alike are using the Internet. Media users not only believe a company should have a presence but that they should also interact with its consumers via social media. Now whatever your business is, Facebook Fanpages are not all the same. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has more usable features than just status updates. You should explore these features and plan out how you will intergrade them with your design. Below we have listed a variety of different examples. You can hook into several Facebook integration points, including the profile, profile actions, and canvas. It allows you to create great things that will make your fan page prominent among others and provide some high value to fans. Hope you all will like these inspirations and also will try to make your own Fan page soon, also should share something to us.

40 Striking Web Design Interfaces For Your Inspiration

These website’s interface examples give u idea to edit or make a design for your new website and it will give u satisfaction standard design here we have 40 Web Interfaces which is so attractive and gracefull.

30  Blue Logo Designs for your Inspiration

If you are looking for Blue logo designs then this post is for you Today we have collected 30 Beautiful Blue logo designs for your inspiration, you don’t have to browse logo design galleries or search from different kinds of logos for particular color we have listed some beautiful blue logos. Blue colour is always looking good to use in designing because it is corporate color and used in different corporate Themes. Enjoy the post.

50  Really Beautiful and Creative Real Estate Logos

Talk about any top brand, and the logo of that particular brand pops up in our minds. Our minds always try to associate the brand names with their logo design. Logo design is one of the most hardest part while creating a brand. Logo design can be beautiful, it can be creative or clever. Logo design holds the true meaning of the company. Logo design can vary from being very simple in looks.

Twitter Improves Search Technology

The company recently announced via their blog that they were rolling out new enhancements that would improve the service’s excellent query serving capacity and its search engine.

Free Vector Holiday Poster

Colorfull abstract vector illustration, with frame. FREE for commercial use.

Sports App Roundup – Must have apps for sports fans

Right now we’re in the middle of the MLB playoffs, almost halfway through football season, at the beginning of hockey season, and the NBA regular season is rapidly approaching. That’s what it’s essential for anyone with any sort of interest in sports to have a sports app.

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