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Piecemaker – Free 3D Flash Image Slider

Piecemaker is a open source Flash image slider that displays images with 3D slice effects. The slide images  can be  configured from a XML file like setting the tween type, distance, time, delay, etc.

The Piecemaker usest he mighty Tweener engine from Caurina, which makes it support plenty of tween types for the transitions, such as Cubic, Bounce or Elastic. Beside the transition type you can also customize tweening time, tweening delay as well as the movement of the cubes while tweening in terms of position on the z axis and positions to each other. With this you can make the cubes move towards the screen or away from it and let the whole gallery expand while tweening.

This image slider doesn’t require working with the .FLA source file. The slider shows images almost instantly due to the external image loading feature and supports JPG, GIF, PNG formats.


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  1. 5-squared


    Piecemaker is an awesome open-source project. I just wrote a tutorial for nettuts on how to integrate Piecemaker into your WordPress theme and create a custom admin panel for setting up the options. I’ll post the link when the tutorial is up.

    You can see the 3d Piecemaker in Sansation, my Premium WordPress theme.

    • mupet


      Hi, i just view the demo page of your wordpress themes, the animation is cool, im never see the 3D animation like that on wordpress themes before.

  2. freshh


    cool, im wating for that tutorial, im struggling whole day to make it work and still it doesnt load a movie…