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Brilliant Company Logos for Inspiration

Designing a logo for a company is not that easy as it looks. There are many factors to consider and because the logo becomes the organization’s identity, its end result should match what the company conveys to its customers, therefore, it should be perfect. It should have a lasting effect towards the people at the same time covers the company’s theme.

Here’s a short list of brilliant company logos that will inspire your creative design process. These logos are so perfect that once you see it, you already know that it is the company.

Avid Identity
Avid is one of the most widely used products in music creation and this logo has a very strong impact that seeing it even from afar, you’ll know that it’s from Avid.

Cookie Monsters
One of the coolest design logos in this list is Cookie Monsters. The cartoonish design makes it more fun and perfect for young people and to those young at heart. This is one of my favorite logos out there.

Fold It
The design reminds us of the Facebook logo with a twist. It has similar color combination of white and blue and what makes it cool is the fold seen between the spaces. It’s a nicely done design that conveys what it means.


As what the name implies, One’s design is basically the number 1 combined with the word “one”. Brilliant isn’t it?

This logo is very simple yet has a very strong appeal. It doesn’t have fancy elements you see in the usual logos but it definitely has this cleverness which I like. The double “W” concept is all what it needs to make this so stunning.

Another smart logo is Steps which shows us the tweaked letter “E” into a stair-like design. It’s minimal but still delivers its strong message that exactly displays what it wants to say.

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