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Hellboy Illustrations

I became a comic book lover in the early 90’s because of my admiration of the art work. I admit that I read more Marvel titles than I did DC but that’s because my favorite artist back then was Jim Lee, and if you know your comics then you should already figured out that I read X-Men most of the time. And when or if I’m not reading any ‘X’ titles I was reading Spider-Man. On that note, my second favorite artist then was Mark Bagley because I love the way he draws Spidey, i.e. the big eyes and the web patterns on the suit that are tightly drawn.

Image source: JamesGhio@DeviantArt


But artists aside, my favorite comic book character nowadays comes from a series that I’ve never even read – Hellboy. I don’t know, for some reason, ever since I saw the movie back in 2004 I found myself fascinated with the character; its personality. And then my I got even more drawn to the character after seeing the different ways and/or styles that he is drawn. Sometimes he’s drawn with a big torso and small lower body, other times he’s drawn with a proportionate body, and most of the time his face or facial features are always exaggerated or caricatured. But again, for some reason I don’t know, I like it most when he’s drawn with his horns intact or rather fully grown and not cut.

That said, I’d like to show you five of my favorite Hellboy illustrations with the full horns.

Hellboy by ekoputeh @DeviantArt

Hellboy by James Ghio @DeviantArt

Hellboy (a.k.a. Anung Un Rama) by John Aslarona

Anung Un Rama by Gaston Zubeldia @tumblr

Hellboy by Keu Cha @DeviantArt

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