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jsDatePick – Simple Date Picker Calendar

jsDatePick is a javascript date picker that uses DOM techniques to generate its HTML code. You can read the parameters and working examples, and within minutes, you can have a popup date picking solution on your website.

jsDatePick has a range of parameters for extending or limiting default functionality.

jsDatePick Parameter
  • useMode (Integer) – Possible values are 1 and 2 as follows:
    • 1 – The calendar’s HTML will be directly appended to the field supplied by target
    • 2 – The calendar will appear as a popup when the field with the id supplied in target is clicked.
  • target (String) – The id of the field to attach the calendar to , usually a text input field when using useMode 2.
  • isStripped (Boolean) – When set to true the calendar appears without the visual design – usually used with useMode 1
  • selectedDate (Object) – When supplied , this object tells the calendar to open up with this date selected already.
  • yearsRange (Array) – When supplied , this array sets the limits for the years enabled in the calendar.
  • limitToToday (Boolean) – Enables you to limit the possible picking days to today’s date.
  • cellColorScheme (String) – Enables you to swap the colors of the date’s cells from a wide range of colors.
    Available color schemes:

    • aqua
    • armygreen
    • bananasplit
    • beige
    • deepblue
    • greenish
    • lightgreen
    • ocean_blue – If you choose not to supply the cellColorScheme variable – the calendar will default to this color.
    • orange
    • peppermint
    • pink
    • purple
    • torqoise

The user launches the calendar by entering the input field, and then chooses a date, automatically returning the selected date to the field. This is the most basic use of a javascript calendar.

Requirements: –
License: GPL License

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