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10 Cool jQuery Slider Tutorials

jQuery is essential in creating a wide range of apps, plugins, and programs designed to help maximize your website design. When used in making sliders, jQuery helps produce lightweight yet extensive and highly useful applications.

Here are 10 tutorial sites on creating  highly useful jQuery sliders that can amp up your WordPress blog. Click on each image to visit their respective sites.

TN3 Gallery

This highly customizable slideshow is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. It boasts of multiple effects and transitions, full-screen and slideshow options, CSS skinning, and more.

Mosaic Slideshow

This  tutorial features tile transition effect when you move the images from one slide to another, all using jQuery.

Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

This tutorial will teach you how to create a responsive slideshow with thumbnail preview. The slideshow automatically adjusts to its container, where you can navigate through the slides with the autoplay option.

Rotating Slideshow

JQuery and CSS are responsible for the cool rotation effect in this tutorial.

MopSlider Content Slider

The MopSlider plugin is generated with PHP, and uses plain txt file as a data source for the configurations. Icons used on this tutorial are courtesy of

Apple-Style Slideshow Gallery

This Apple-style slideshow gallery is entirely front-end based with no database or PHP required.

Automatic Image Slider

The automatic image image slider is created with HTML/CSS/Javascript. It also allows you to incorporate SEO into your website and automatically adjusts to sites without Javascript.

Minimalist jQuery Slider

This simple jQuery slider features your image’s description and name.

Panning Slideshow with jQuery

This panning slideshow has a twist, using a different type of transitional animation.

Basic Slideshow with Transparent PNG Frame

This easy tutorial is perfect for beginners and focuses more on working with layered PNG’s in web layouts.

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