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Should You Quit Your Day Job for a Life of Blogging? [Guest Post]

Sure, working from home is the ultimate goal for many people. The idea of sleeping in until noon and never leaving the comfort of your pajamas but still getting paid is rather appealing, right? However, you’re not going to get paid for wearing pajamas. You’re going to get paid for doing some form of work — in this case, blogging!

Blogging is a simple enough concept to grasp; you write a post or two on a specific niche and post it in your site. But there is definitely more to it than that, especially if you are planning on making a full-time, livable income.

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Do you even have a home-office setup yet? While you thought you were escaping the office scene for good, the fact remains that you will still need an ‘office’ at home, or at the very least a workspace. This is not too difficult a task as long as you have a spare room in the house, or are willing to clear out a room.

From there, you could probably find a good desk online through sites like Craigslist or, if your budget allows, buy a brand new one. Obviously, a good computer is necessary as it will be your primary source of income if you plan on blogging. However, anything related to the computer is easily attainable through, so it’s nothing to worry about. The other essentials — a lamp, office supplies, a telephone (optional) — can be easily picked up at any department store.

We still have not answered the main question though: should you give up a day job to pursue a work-from-home career in blogging?

The answer to that question relies heavily on a few factors. First and foremost, bloggers don’t become millionaires overnight (most don’t become millionaires at all). That said, you will need an income to fall back on for the time being, or at least until your blog is generating enough income to live on. Do you have any savings put aside for this? The amount you need may be enough to last you a few months, to a year or more.

How is your discipline level? Working from home may sound like a walk in the park, but the level of discipline it requires is immense. Think about it — you now have to answer to no one except for yourself: you’re the boss! It is going to be quite easy to say to yourself, “Well, I think I have done enough for the day,” even though you most likely have not. You need to have a decent amount of discipline and responsibility to set aside specific hours in which you are dedicated to work, and only work (sounds like you’re back in the office already).

I am assuming that you already have a blog. If not, then you have a good deal of work ahead of you, but that is a topic for another day. If you do not have a blog, you need to do a considerable amount of research on the issue before you make any impulsive decisions.

Blogging for a living is a choice that can either make or break you. Some bloggers come out on top, becoming moguls of the industry, while others might end up bankrupt. Your blog essentially needs to be a part of your life — you need to tend to it every day, make sure it is up-to-date, and you need to look for ways to expand it whenever possible. If you can manage to take care of your blog, as well as yourself, I don’t see why a career based solely on blogging isn’t in your future!

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