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5 Inspirational Concepts of the Week

Here’s a short list of various inspirational concepts for this week that will help you in your creative process in designing.

Dreamscape Campaign by Firedog

Firedog’s creation of Dreamscape Campaign captures the very diverse emotional reactions upon listening to classical music at The Barican. The London-based agency has come up with this concept to depict one’s imagination when listening to music.

Exploding Light Bulbs by Jon Smith

One of the best concepts created is from American photographer Jon Smith who fills light bulbs with various colorful objects and liquids then letting them explode. Using high-speed photography, he captures the action that allows us to see them flare into bits of pieces. His concept has made us enjoy the beauty in destruction.

Adrift: Black and White by Oystein Aspelund

Norwegian photographer Oystein Aspelund shows us series of black and white photos that look at different conditions of the mind.

Beauty Photography by TOMAAS

When it comes to fashion, TOMAAS’s concept is one of the most outstanding. His signature style is very dramatic, with subtle touch. His photos are narratives to what he wants to convey and let you experience wonderful scenery. Some of his works have similarities with cinematic images.

Pop Culture Illustrations by Carlos Lerma

Mexican visual artist Carlos Lerma displays his unique style of illustrations of different TV and movie personalities that have shaped up our pop culture. His creations are very colorful and in the image above, he makes a beautiful Breaking Bad illustration. Other works include Superman, The Avengers, Die Hard, Sherlock and more.

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